Nelong Valley


We visited Nelong Valley on 11th Oct and it will remain a memorable trip.

Very few people are aware that the valley has opened up and that, for us was an advantage as it continues to remain untouched and pristine, with the army presence seen all around. The drive to Nelong Valley has some of the best scenery in Uttarakhand. We had clear blue skies and a picture perfect view of the Shrikhand peak. The road is narrow and treacherous at some spots but totally worth it. Do not miss the old route on the opposite side of the road, divided by a deep crevice– a precipitous wooden bridge on the opposite mountain; we actually saw some army men walking on that bridge; that surely required a lot of courage!

We could interact with some army jawans there, heard their stories, their arduous life and also met the Major; he was out there to celebrate Dasserah with the jawans. We sat down with him, talked for some time and even had the pleasure of having tea!

Getting the permits is a tedious process and we managed to find a contact – his name is Sameer (number- 9917483849 ) and he did an amazing job of getting the permits for us within 24 hours, which could sometimes stretch to 2-3 days too.

I suggest, anyone wanting to visit Nelong Valley can contact Sameer; you will need to send him some ID – we gave our Aadhar Card copy, thats all and though we had carried out photos, it was not required.

Make a visit to Nelong Valley a “must do” thing on your visit to this beautiful state.