Don't read it

27th Oct 2018
Photo of Don't read it by Kartiki Malik
Day 33

Yes, Seriously don't read this blog if you love Goa only because of the beaches, Goa has beauty and peace at day time and beats and harmony in night. As I wrote in my last blog that I left my job and i planned to stay there for 1 additional month. That one month was nothing except reminiscences and wonder of Goa. I will tell you in details that are the placed I had visited thus far.

Day 34

I visited a mall called Mall De Goa. It's the only mall in North and South Goa wherever you can find almost each brand from Klein to Fbb. I visited a haunted house with my partner in crime. We have a tendency to tried some food from food courts. You can get each kind of food on food counters. Try fish spa in Mall de Goa. After visiting the Mall we planned for another place.

We visited Dona Paula. Dona Paula is a terribly nice beachside place. You cannot dip yourself into the water however you'll relish the waves of the ocean from a higher most level in Goa. Dona Paula is known as a suicide point of Goa as a result of it's a really fascinating history of 2 lovers who went there for suicide and sacrifice them self within the sea. Dona Paula is additionally extremely popular in Bollywood as a result of it's recognized because of the favorite shooting purpose of few directors. P.S.- Park your car on the main road because it is very difficult to take your car out at the time of return.

After Dona Paula we visited Odxel Beach, Odxel Beach is one in all the prettiest beach I even have seen until now in Goa. The Beach is situated in a village called Carca Village, It is very as regards to Goa University and Chances Casino ( Chances is also a really famous Casino). Odxel beach is the beach jam-packed with stones. You can sit on the stones and luxuriate in the ocean water. after a tiring day, we tend to was trying to find some refreshment, therefore we visited Cidade de Goa.

Cidade de Goa in a 4-star property in Goa. There building is outstanding, hospitality is served as the best hospitality. Cidade de Goa has it's own private beach like other 4 Star hotels in Goa. we had over snacks with Mocktails and head to our other destination which was more fun.

Yes, I found something very good in Goa. It's called Gulnar. Gulnar is a showroom or shop of handmade soaps. You can find varieties of soaps in this shop. Prices are bit high however you may not contemplate when entering there.

Day 35

Goa is more than beer, Bikinis and Beaches. The beauty of the state cannot be outlined in words, you have to experience it by yourself. Again I am ending my blog however still I have tons to inform all of you about Goa. Next blog will be my last blog about Goa. After Goa, I'll tell you about Dehradun, Haridwar, Srinagar( Uttrakhand), Rajkot, Jaipur, Hampi, Jammu and Hyderabad.