On Your Next Trip To Agra, Don't Miss Out on Sheroes Cafe, Run By Acid-Attack Survivors


Agra, home to the majestic Taj Mahal, sees a massive influx of tourists every day. From international travellers to bored Delhi families, Agra tops the list of must-visit destinations. The next time you visit Agra and Taj Mahal, take a couple of hours and head to Sheroes Cafe. A pay-what-you-want cafe run by acid-attack victims.

Sheroes Cafe also doubles up as a rehabilitation centre for other acid-attack survivors

NGOs Chaanv Foundation and Stop Acid Attack decided to jump in and help these women rehabilitate their lives in a self-sustained way. Rupa and Ritu, the women running the cafe, were viciously attacked by their distant family members in isolated incidents at a young age. Rupa hails from Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh and Ritu from Rohtak, Haryana.

The acid might have disfigured their faces, but even after years of struggle, their spirit remains undiminished. Rupa, the survivor from Haryana, found a penchant for design and decorated the cafe entirely by herself.

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Rupa and Ritu enjoying a cup of tea. (c) Sheroes Hangout

Along with Rupa and Ritu, three more women run the cafe and share all responsibilities from cooking and cleaning to managing accounts. When asked about their future at Sheroes Cafe, Rupa and Ritu sound not only optimistic but also relieved,

“Corporate offices don’t want to employ us because of the way we look, working at the Sheroes Cafe makes us feel empowered."

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The cafe aspires to run on more than just donation. They have opened a reading section as well as a boutique. Rupa showcases some of her designs at Sheroes Cafe, which are often bought by tourists.

Ashish Shukla, a member of the NGO Chaanv is more than eager to have Sheroes Cafe gain its own momentum, independent of donations. He said,

"We want to bring an end to this donation system and do not want to continue this for long. So we are trying to open up cafes and boutiques for the survivors as a means of their daily bread. This would also act as rehabilitation for the victims."

Photo of On Your Next Trip To Agra, Don't Miss Out on Sheroes Cafe, Run By Acid-Attack Survivors 4/4 by Sreshti Verma
The reading section inside Sheroes. (c) Sheroes Hangout

After the success of the cafe in Agra, Sheroes Cafe has opened up in Lucknow as well. Working towards providing acid-attack survivors with more than just hope and assurance, the cafe is all set to transform the lives of women in other parts of India. The associated NGOs now want to mobilise funds and open similar cafes across Delhi, Kanpur and Ludhiana as well.

It might seem like we (people completely unaware of their plight) cannot do much to help the acid-attack survivors. But if you visit Sheroes Cafe next time, ordering a generous cup of tea and pakoras will be a small but appreciated gesture towards a better future for these amazing women.

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