Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly !

22nd Feb 2015
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You might as well make yourself fly as to make you
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All good things are Wild and Free
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Something beautiful is on the horizon
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If u want to fly giv up evrytng that weighs u dwn
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Your wings already exit All you have to do is FLY
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Fingers Of God
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I have been always Adventures. Last year in Feb one of my friends (who is an inspiration for me to travel) floated an event on Facebook. Paragliding... and that event hit the button of mine. I was on my toe to enroll my name n book the seat. Without any second thought I booked it. Finally the day came. I woke up early morning and packed my bag nothing much but munching , chocolates, energy drinks. We boarded the bus. It was full of crazy people. Most of them were old people with whom I had done couple of treks. We started towards Kamshet. Paragliding at Kamshet did not impress me much because, it was not in Solang Valley, Manali. However I wanted to give a try. We had fun on the bus dancing, singing, screaming, wooh.. Fun it was! We took a snacks break in-between. A friend of mine who was the organizer, he just explained us why you should go for 'Acro Tandem' instead of regular one paragliding. He mentioned us - Guys, most of us is going to paragliding for the first and may be for the last time. ''You will not always keep doing the same thing if you are an adventure seeker, you will dare for the new adventure. So why to settle for less.''''You are grand, Be grand.'' We reached at the TemplePilots at Kamshet. The place is 110 Kms from Mumbai and 45 kms from Pune. The town is more famous for the OSHO and the Rajaneesh Ashram.

Paragliding activity is totally depend upon the wind situations. The climate was perfect. Trainers gave us a brief information regarding the same. We were all set. Trainers informed us they will take all lightweight people first as wind was not much favorable for heavyweights. And guess what, I was the one who dared to fly first.  Of course because of the weight. They fasten the seat belt and i was all set. The trainer was pretty experienced. The moment we started running towards the valley for the takeoff I got scared as I could see I'm gonna jump into the valley and with in a fraction of seconds I was up there.. Yeah up there in the sky. Flying... Flying with my wings wide open, silent, calm, in peace.. I was all above.. I could see my friends waving hands n screaming ... Oh my god. I had became a bird.. Free bird in the sky.

That entire sky was mine.. I was flying fearlessly.  And the bird eye view of the earth was breath taking. There was a huge mountain in front of me when I was grounded which was looking so damn tiny now. The calm backwater of Uksan Dam gave me bliss. There were few boats on the water moving forward silently. It was bit cloudy. Sun was playing hide and seek. Due to this there were fingers of God in the sky and it was directly reflecting on the water, it was creating sliver and golden colors reflection. There were farm houses of people beautifully built with different shapes of swimming pools, tiny gardens with lovely coffee table, roof top pools, sugarcane fields, kids were playing cricket and I saw entire Ariel view of that tiny part of the Earth. Wind was cool up there. Trainer intimated me that the wind is in a favor so we will start with the stunts. They were scary but beautiful and adventures though. He took entire 360 degree turn and that was super crazy n scary. I got puky feeling in the air... :)  Entire sky was belonging to me. After my paragliding there were 29 more people. I had ample of time till the time other people are done, which I spent staring at that calm water. It gave me inner peace. Evening at the time of d sun set I slept on bare land leaving all my worries behind, no thoughts in my mind. I stared that mountain who  gave me the real strength to stand still and firmly in any  situation. Yeah.. .Exploring gives you way better lessons than any other thing on this planet. On my way back to home I could see fire far away on that mountain and felt its telling me .. Hey you.. you are a fire.  and it reminded me a song...

This girl is on fire...

Looks like a girl, but she's a flame
So bright, she can burn your eyes
Better look the other way
You can try but you'll never forget her name
She's on top of the world
Hottest of the hottest girls say...