Take me to the Oceans


My tryst with mountains and oceans alternate.Each has its own enigma.Sit down with a book in hand as the sun sinks.Otherwise a bottle or two will also do to set the mood.If you still dnt like it,take off your shoes and take a walk past the long sandy beach and feel the nature as it changes colour over the horizon.

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Sunrise At Kanyakumari: While you may go round the world in search of the best Sunsets and sunrise this one way closer to home is worth million bucks.Whenever you visit Kanykamari make sure to get a hotel which has a high private terrace.The number of people on the streets for the view are just breath taking.The crowd starts accumulating from 4 in the morning and disperses only 7.Have a cup of coffee in your hand and not to mention your DSLR to capture the best moments.This place for all this odds will definitely leave you with a nostalgia to visit over again.

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Evening in Goa by the sunsoaked Beach:There is nothing i can say which can match the aura this place has over people all around the world.The fun and the freedom this  place boats off makes its a heaven on this.You feel at ease and home and i can waste time just idying on the beach side or having a glass of drink in the various shacks.The least said the better.This place is annual carnival.

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 The Cliff Beach in Varkala,Kerela: This place was a mere suprise to my eyes.Having witnessed cliff beaches only in movie this was a place way out from dreams.Lucky as we were we got a hotel up the south cliff which is mainly thronged by foreigners and as such more peaceful and introspective.

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Kovalam,Kerela: Having visiting the place on the eve of the new year it was thronged with people.It was festive evening where all danced and enjoyed in the background of the sinking sun and the watch tower.The blue crystal water and its thunderous waves spoke as a new year dawned.

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Fort Kochi:The beach as can be seen is definitely not the best that this little gods own country is known for.The most commercialised beach littered by beach waste,however an evening spent here overlooking the kochi city the other side of the back water was an evening well spent.Fort Kochi is a beautiful island known is a beautiful little hamlet

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Sundarbans: The land of Royal Bengal Tiger.Though they are difficult to spot this sojourn had a different taste all together.Spending two nights amongst the locals amidst water all around was a different experience.The best was to see beautiful huts with each having its own small pond.If the climate be ignored for a while it looked like those little European villages where people use bicycles to move around as the surrounding is just so nature frindly

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 Langkawi: The country which just known for so many islands that one can loose count. Langkwai itself is an conglomerate of 104 islands.A place spent with friends with tasting a lot of local tasty cuines and exploring the malaysian water

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Pondicherry:The french colony definitely has much more to offer.The beaches often loose out to Auroville and the French Colony but this small island called Golden island is a joyous place to spend couple of hours early morning.Covered with white sand and palms leaves a different experience other wise.

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Putrajaya,Malaysia-Definitely not an ocean but a man made canal which is broad enough for cruising. A well envisioned city with best modern amenities and infrastructure this is the city of future