21st May 2019
Day 1

Well you have I travel fro mumbai till delhi by train which cost me around INR 1800. If you go by train depends then form delhi stations you can take a common bus which travel to nainital bhowali Shimla well there are many rental cars available will cost you around INR 600-650 to travel to nainital the journey from Delhi to nainital is approx 8-10 hours depends on weather conditions .The bus will drop you near mall road from there it's just 1.2 km trek to ayar jungle lodges by Aamod,you can trek or take a cab your wise I will prefer go there trekking as I love trekking and yeah in the ayar jungle the cost for cottage is 1950-2250 which include food. It's a well maintained and hygienic place there are 5-6 guard dogs but they are well trained and playfull you can go hiking till #chinapeak well you can EE the whole city there are adventures sport over there in the top you can get hot momos and Maggie,Well while trekking back to the camp go from the jungle area as you will be able to see the whole city and the hidden beauty of nainital. Well the must visit places are 1.Mall road you will get candles and lamps over there which will cost around 250 per candles depends and 150 for lamps there is the bhutia market In nainital there is the oldest Momo shop of the city goes with the name Tibetan market must try.

3.visit the snow point view.

4.nainital zoo visit is the must ❤🍁

5. Visit the local candle making industry or the lamp making industry

6.Boating is must will cost you 200INR per person.

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#Treehouse ????

Photo of Nainital by debabrata ray


Photo of Nainital by debabrata ray
Photo of Nainital by debabrata ray


Photo of Nainital by debabrata ray

Nainital Jama Masjid Mosque❤

Photo of Nainital by debabrata ray