Travel, a Life Changing Tool


2016, the year started at down south near the banks of Tungabhadra in Hampi and ended up in the Himalayas in the beautiful mountains of Mussoorie. The year, full of new journeys , new places, new people and off course every new thing leading to a new experience - The Experience to Experience Yourself Differently every time you Travel. I was never ever so keen to paint my travel memories through words using the colours of my experiences, but this time some thoughts just crossed my mind while I was trekking down the hills from Kunjapuri temple near Rishikesh and I decided to write.

It's been a year full of Travel for me and eventually meeting new people at new places. Because of Travelling ,the most beautiful thing I have realized this year is - "To keep going it is very important to meet new people". You meet different people with different backgrounds and you just never know how those few moments of conversations with those strangers can leave Life Changing Impact on your Mind. Yes, Life Changing Impact. Those small interactions with strangers at some strange places really can change the way you look at things like places you never heard off, people to whom you never met, cultures which you never experienced and sometimes the way you look at your own life, the way you never thought off.

I met this Brazilian guy at Kunjapuri trek and the kind of conversation we struck up was a wonderful experience. I had different perceptions about Brazil or for that matter about the western culture. But I was completely amazed to know that they are also like us only. It was hardly his third day in India and that fellow was completely mesmerized by Indian culture. He was so curious to know things about Indian culture and India in general. Also he told me that now it's Xmas time and he is missing his family badly so as delicious homemade food cooked by his granny. We talked about religion, politics, food, travel. culture and what not. It was really an amazing and great learning experience for me. We shared so much interesting thoughts. The most important thing I learned from that whole conversation was - The basic Human Nature remains the same all over the world, but with some modifications.

And now when I am recollecting my all this year's trips, especially the one at Triund at the beginning of the year and this one at Kunjapuri, just now at end of the year, I think this year has been life changing year for me so far and a big thanks to Travel. Seriously, Travel is the most beautiful thing we can do in our life. Travel makes you confident, it helps you to explore the outside world, at the same time it encourages you to meet your inside world as well. The strangers you meet while travelling, makes you realize that do not believe in what you hear and see in pictures, but just go and find the truth yourself. Every time you travel, it teaches you something or the other, you just have to keep your mind open. I think travelling is like meditation, it gives you peace of mind. It leads you to inner strength. It just refreshes you mind to look at the life in a more positive way.

There is so much to explore in this beautiful world, so Keep Travelling !!!