We Dare You to Stay at These 5 Haunted Hotels in India. Will You?

Photo of We Dare You to Stay at These 5 Haunted Hotels in India. Will You? by Ragini Mehra

Believe in ghosts? Or the supernatural? Ever experienced anything of this sort? Well, what’s coming in the next few scrolls is not recommended for the faint-hearted. From unexplained movements and unusual early morning screams to creaky staircases and spooky passageways, these hotels have been known to scare even the bravest of people. Do you have it in you to book a stay here? We dare you to plan a visit to these 5 haunted hotels in India.

Pineridge Hotel, Darjeeling

Photo of Darjeeling, West Bengal, India by Ragini Mehra

Seeming to be straight out of a horror movie, Pineridge Hotel is yet another haunted hotel in India. Guests recalled that they heard strange noises and felt that there were some incomprehensible movements on the first floor. It is said that the owner’s son had passed away inside the hotel building, and that it is believed to be haunted since then. If you still have the guts to spend a night at this hotel known to be full of obscurities, be prepared to be welcomed by whisperings and weird sounds of someone lurking around.

Trident Hotel, Mumbai

Credit: DaveBleasdale/flickr

Photo of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Ragini Mehra

Ghost stories, paranormal sightings, mystical sounds – people often associate the 13th Floor of The Trident Hotel at Nariman Point with these. You’re sure to be taken aback too as you visit this hotel because you won’t find any 13th floor at all. It has been excluded from the building completely. This means that the hotel lift directly takes you to the 14th floor from the 12th floor! In fact, many skyscrapers in Mumbai have excluded the 13th floor because the number 13 is considered to be evil, inauspicious and one that brings bad luck.

Ramoji Film City Hotels, Hyderabad

Photo of Hyderabad, Telangana, India by Ragini Mehra

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Hyderabad, Ramoji Film City is also known to be among the most haunted places in India. Legend has it that it has been built on the battlefields of the Nizam and thus is haunted by those who died in the wars. A stay at the hotels here is a bone-chilling experience because of the reports of hotel lights falling off, light men being pushed off by an invisible force and the mirrors in the hotel rooms being discovered with markings. These markings are said to be in a script very similar to Urdu. Imagine waking up one morning to peculiar text written on your hotel room’s mirror, unexpected knocks in the middle of the night and eerie sounds doing the rounds. Sounds like a horror story, isn’t it?

Hotels in Dow Hill, Kurseong

Photo of Kurseong, West Bengal, India by Ragini Mehra

The beautiful Kurseong in West Bengal is also known for its haunted neighbourhood of Dow Hill. If you really want to experience what it is to be amidst ghosts and spirits, this is where you need to be. The many hotels here have had reports of supernatural activity, including Amarjeet Hotel where the guests were petrified when, in the wee hours, the hotel lights were randomly switched off and turned on repeatedly. Other bloodcurdling sights and sounds noticed in Dow Hill include a headless body wandering near the woods, the voice of a female singing and children playing, and daunting eyes looking at guests from a distance.

Hotel Fern Hill, Ooty

Photo of Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India by Ragini Mehra

Synonymous with Ooty, Hotel Fern Hill was built in the mid-19th century and boasts of the most stunning British architecture. This was also the shooting location of the Bollywood horror film Raaz. In fact, it was during the shoot that many of the crew members woke up in the middle of the night as they heard creepy sounds of someone rearranging furniture on the floor above. On checking with the hotel the next morning, they learned that there was no floor above them at all! Who knows if it was just a dream that (many!) crew members had or perhaps the ghosts (are they real?) at Fern Hill got the freedom they wanted at the movie set. Will you spend a night at the hotel to find out?

The Savoy, Mussoorie

Credit: Nick Kenrick/flickr

Photo of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India by Ragini Mehra

An inspiration for The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie, the Savoy has been on the list of the spookiest and most haunted hotels in India. This was after the 1910 incident when Lady Garnett Orme was found dead in her room. A few years later, her doctor was also found dead at the hotel under the same mysterious circumstances. Many paranormal activities have been noticed here since then. It is believed that Lady Garnett’s silhouette has often been spotted walking around the hotel in her high heels. Some guests have also heard soft murmuring sounds and the voice of a lady singing somewhere in the distance. So, are you ready for an up close and personal encounter with Lady Garnett Orme on your trip to the Savoy?

Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

Photo of Lonavala, Maharashtra, India by Ragini Mehra

That little room on the ground floor, behind the hotel reception, has been much talked about. What is so special, or rather ‘unusual’ about it? We asked the many guests who had spent a night there and the answers had us shocked beyond measure. Some of them complained of being frightened with a blue flashlight in the middle of the night. Others were recorded saying that someone tried to pull away the bed sheets they were sleeping on. Someone they couldn’t see, a force they couldn’t explain. These spooky experiences have ensured that Raj Kiran Hotel in Lonavala is right up there on the list of haunted hotels in India.

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