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Game Of ThronesThe largest production in the history of television broke every record of viewership. The show had its season finale last year and left many of the fans disappointed and frustrated. But once a GoT fan will always be a GoT fan. Its shooting locations still remain in the heart of people. It was a visually stunning show apart from everything else, and if you happen to visit the real-life locations they won't disappoint you like the ending of the show did. Most of the countries where Game Of Thrones was shot were already tourist hot spots. All you have to do is plug in a few sites on your regular tourist trail. Spain, Iceland, Ireland, and Morocco are some of the countries in which the epic had been shot. But a major chunk of the series is shot in Croatia. The capital of Croatia, Dubrovnik automatically doubles for Kings Landing with its red roofs, ramparts and cobbled streets, overlooking the Adriatic sea. You can see the Red Keep, the gardens, the city of Qarth, the house of the undying and the outside walls while roaming around in the city. Some of the sites are found in the city of Split which is the second-largest city of Croatia. These sites include the throne room of Danny and the city of Mereen. There is an endless list of companies that conduct a guided GOT tour for people who want to delve a bit deeper.

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Best time to visit Dubrovnik is from May to July

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