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Venice spells romance to the very core. Whether it's the Gondola ride that's takes you through the dreamy canals or the meandering narrow lanes where you can lose your way easily if you are walking hand-in-hand, too lost in each other. The Gondola ride is a little expensive and you may decide to not do it...we saved up for it (I did mostly by not shopping) and well, it was worth the sacrifice. Also, try and stay in an apartment rather than a hotel to experience the real beauty of Venice. We stayed in a beautiful house overlooking the canal and the hostess made us feel amazingly at home. If you choose wisely, it might actually turn out to be cheaper than staying in a hotel. Make sure you have the map and the directions to your accommodation handy. Venice is the most confusing city you ll ever go to and there are no local cabs (apart from water taxis) to take you to your destination so you normally have to walk quite a bit. Do not forget to enjoy the house wines and the local delicacy- Peas Risotto at the various pubs and eateries. After all, that's the fun part!

Best Time To Visit Venice

Best time to visit Venice is from March to June

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