Get Inked Before Your Next Adventure: 13 Minimal & Detailed Travel Tattoo Ideas


"I should have been a pair of ragged claws, scuttling across the floors of the silent seas." As I see these lines inked on the back of a young woman casually passing me by, I realise how deep and determining travelling can be for some. Not all of us have the strength and commitment to go through that amount of pain and get long lines permanently inked on ourselves. But for the love of travel, here are some minimal tattoos ideas to choose from before you plan your next adventure.

And for those brave travellers who can bear the needle for longer, there are some amazing detailed travel tattoos ready to be flaunted!

Paper planes – Minimal

Tiny paper plane tattoos have always been in trend given their cuteness, size and universality. Here's a paper plane with a twist. It continues to be cute, but with more meaning, message and style.

Best suited for: Forearm , ankle.

Pain level: Low

Pine Tree – Semi-detailed

Getting popular increasingly amongst mountain lovers, this pine tree tattoo is novel and is here to stay. Best part is you can always personalize the design and make it the tiniest minimal possible. You can get this at orlando tattoo.

Best suited for: Calf, wrist, neck.

Pain level: Medium.

Tiny Earth – Minimal

Another cute ink idea quietly proclaiming your love for travel – ideal for newbies who are swinging between the fascination of the ink and the dread of the needle. It's tiny, attractive and so adorable. And it's definitely something that you won't regret.

Best suited for: Wrist, ankle, upper arm.

Pain level: Low

Compass – Detailed

Emanating mystique, this eagle and compass tattoo is distinctive and unique. It is artistic with a tribal edge and a lot of individuality. Move over the clichéd old compass and embody this piece of charm.

Best suited for: Forearm, calf.

Pain level: Medium.

Hot Air Balloon – Semi Detailed

This water colour tattoo looks highly detailed and probably agonising to a first timer, but it is none of it. If you look closely, it is made up of only thin lines, tiny dots and a cutesy paper plane. It has a lot of water colour like shading which makes up most of the tattoo, but fear not, shading is only half as painful, since the needle doesn't pierce your skin.

Best suited for: Forearm, bicep, calf.

Pain level: Medium.

Where next? – Minimal

One of my personal favourites, this minimal tattoo is classy, trendsetting and inspiring. Inked in the typewriter font, it is eye catching, and is ideal for all, I might get it on my wrist on a whim. Get this to get inspired!

Best suited for: Wrist, ankle

Pain level: Low

World Map and Compass – Detailed

For the colourful soul, this thigh tattoo depicts a detailed world map almost accurately, with a compass, and a lot of colourful shading. If you're adventurous enough, and don't fear commitment, then this tattoo is travel goals, a must have. Probably not for a first timer, if you are a faint heart like me.

Best suited for: Thigh, back, calf.

Pain level: Medium to high

Palm Tree – Minimal

Certify yourself as a true beach lover, with this minimal palm tree tattoo. Personalise it with your own touch. It's trendy and chic, and a classy one to flaunt on any body part that you want!

Best suited for: Wrist, forearm, bicep, ankle, calf, above elbow.

Pain level:Low to medium

Compass – Minimal

Tag your travel partner and get this matching compass tattoo, it is trim and tasteful, it doesn't hurt and sets major travel-bestie goals!

Best suited for: Ankle, upper arm.

Pain level: Low

Cross-Anchor-Heart – Minimal

This trio is a stylish variant from the clichéd anchor tattoo, it's minimal yet artistic, and works well for people with low pain threshold. I find it kinda hippie and it has that lover of life vibe about it.

Best suited for: Forearm, upper arm, neck, back, wrist.

Pain level: Low

Co-ordinates – Minimal

I love, love this one! Popular amongst travellers, this is minimal yet so classy and forever in style. While you are on the go, always have your home etched on you in co-ordinates. Or the co-ordinates of any place in the world that you feel a connection with. It looks dapper and also has some mystery around it – 2 essentials of a good tattoo. So don't wait up!

Best suited for: Anywhere on the arm, back, shoulder.

Pain: Low to medium.

Mountains – Minimal

Another one for mountain lovers! Mountain love goes on forever, and so do mountain tattoos, because there is so much to experiment with, you can add in some colours, or a night sky, or personalise it to further minimalism. I love how the entire mountain is drawn in a single line here, and those tiny stars!

Best suited for: Back, upper arm, forearm, calf.

Pain level: Low to medium.

Skyline – Minimal

A classic one that I rarely get to see on people these days. If you love the city life, or have a special connection with a city, then this is your tattoo. The New York skyline is a popular one in this category. You can always personalise this one to your favourite places as well – like the Eiffel Tower, London Eye and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in a skyline.

Best suited for: Forearm, shoulder, back

Pain level: Medium

So what are you waiting for? Get one of these before you set on another adventure!

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