Walkaway through the land of Romans and Renaissance

15th May 2019
Photo of Walkaway through the land of Romans and Renaissance by Shivarjun Das

A long awaited trip in my Wish list was sewn up when my family decided for a Trip to the Land of Renaissance and the Romans to unleash the historical greenwood of the world. Belonging to the Genre of History addicts, there could have been no better place than Italy to relive the times of Ancient Romans, the Paleolithic age and the civilization on the Banks of River Tiber. So we swayed our way from Delhi to the Capital city of Italy, one of the best cities on the planet, Rome. We had our way via Dubai and it was a total journey of 11.5 hours with 6 hours hault in Dubai.

Photo of Walkaway through the land of Romans and Renaissance 1/9 by Shivarjun Das

Usually after tucking over a journey so long, humans tend to discern a fatigue nature and also some Jet lag due to the major time difference. But to our surprise, Rome had a different bombshell for us! The moment we stepped out of the airport, we were saluted with a pleasant weather and an amazing Landscape amidst the suburbs. Viewing the scenic astonishment and comparing the roads and driving in Rome with India, we gradually entered the main city with some astounding architectures build with Traventine stones and amazing techniques to keep the city clean and protect the greenery. On reaching the hotel, we decided to give up resting and start exploring the city from the very first day itself. That night we had an itenary of a Roman exhibition which we had booked earlier. But prior to that we had a time span of 6 hours and had to splurge that wisely! So we decided to take a stroll down the glamorous lanes and work on some Vlogs with my History knowledge of the Romans. (For my video blogs, you can contact me on dasshivarjun.iipm@gmail.com). Apprehending the alluring beauty of the city, we decided to board a metro to Roma Termini which was minutes from our hotel as a pedestrian. We took a ride to the Colossal Metro station which glorified us with the stunning view of the Colosseum, which was a part of our Itenary the next day. So we haulted for some photographs and kept of strolling across the lanes. We then boarded a cab for the location where the Roman exhibition was held. With the exhibition of Gladiator wars, Roman culture of Wine, dance and food with some thrilling stunts and detailing, the night came to an end with us back to our hotels. With some good hamburgers and a can of beer, we were off to sleep and get ready for the next day.

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There we go with the 2nd day in our Itenary. This was a City tour which included the Historic Colosseum and the Roman Forum. So with some delicious Roman breakfast, we were all set to explore the breathtaking historic monuments and get to know more about their history. We walked our way to a spot where we came across our tourist guide who guided us towards the Colosseum. They picturesque Amphitheater built by the Flavians had so much to explore and to gather knowledge about, that an entire day would not suffice the purpose but we had to settle with few hours. Ranging from the trials by Byzantines and other tribes to capture the amphitheater, to the Roman gatherings inside with the Gladiator fights and shows and then we moved on to the Roman Forum which is also at a walking distance from Colosseum. The Forum had a plethora of Caesarian monuments including Churches, Temples and Graveyards and some conspiracy theories with no proof to be true. With a pool of knowledge and brushing up Roman history, it was time to get back to the hotel and take some rest before we take a night tour to Rome. The night tour included mostly some monuments and artifacts built by Augustus and Marcus and the famous Trevi fountain built by Panini in 1762 to make up for the water scarcity at that time and also to welcome Augustus. That bought an end to a fabulous day and we were back to our hotel.

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The third day itenary was of the great Vatican City. The smallest country in the world had a surfeit of Roman art and culture. With the residence of Pope and the astonishing Sistine Chapel built in the name of Pope Sixtus IV, it provides you a complete picture of the talent which Roman painters had which modern day painters still lack in terms of creativity and adolescence even after technological advancements. St. Peters Basilica is also one of the tourist spot which happens to be the largest Basilica in the world.

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Post traversing the astounding city of Rome, we boarded the train from Roma Termini and headed towards the land of Renaissance, Florence. After covering a distance of 1.5 hours, we reached the Florentina station. With all traventine architecture, Florence gave us a breathtaking view of its brick and stone lanes with all modern and luxury brand showrooms and shops! But the best moment was during the evening, when we commenced exploring the historical relevance of the city which is considered to be the land of Renaissance. Post exploring the Dante Alighieri Museum, Statue of David by Michelangelo, the first Renaissance sculpture by Rocco, famous painting by Donatello, Botticelli and the Medici family which also had 2 Popes in their name, we proceeded towards the Akademia. Unfortunately, due to a long queue at the Akademia, we could not move on to explore more other than the replica of the Statue of David also built by Michelangelo. Original statue was portrayed their earlier until it was shifted to Academia for political reasons. Had some delicious Italian cuisine and wine post that and were back to our hotel for some sound sleep.

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The next day we had to head towards Pisa to witness the historic 14th Century Leaning Tower of Pisa and a Cathedral, Cattedrale de Pisa. It was a bus ride for 1 hour from Florence to Pisa. On reaching the location, we found out an open market filled with different handicrafts, local products and restaurants. Most of them were run by Bangladeshi immigrants and that led our way towards the Historic monuments in Pisa. The tourist attraction spot in Pisa wont concede an area of more then 5 acres. The actual point of attraction was the Leaning Tower of Pisa built by Bonanno, another Renaissance painter and the Cathedral dedicated to the assumption of Virgin Mary. Theory of US army planning to attack the Tower for doubting German army to keep an eye on them and also experiment by Galileo Galilei of object descent also exists but with no solid proof or witness to back them up. Another interesting fact of the building being tilted in Pisa is because of the weak soil on one part. It just doesn't make the Tower of Pisa lean but also the Cathedral and the trees lean. We returned to Florence after that and the bus journey was a marvelous one with green patches of the suburbs on both side accompanied by slight rain late in the evening.

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The next day we departed for Venice, again a train journey from Florence. It was a journey of 1 hour and we departed to a city which has no mode of transportation apart from water boats as the city is engulfed within canals. Venice is a city that no one can delete ever from their memory once anyone steps in. The ecstatic water boat ride and the architecture of Churches and buildings are the real eye catchers that enthrall your senses. On reaching the location of the hotel on a boat, we were all engaged in feeding the Pigeons who tends to place their claws on your hands and eat the food provided. Strolling across the lanes between canals and taking the Gondola ride covering the entire city, we ended that day with some delicious Pizza and Beer. The next day, we took a Water bus and traveled across 3 nearby islands, Murano, Burano, Torricelli. With some factories and local markets, these islands were peaceful, calm and had some awe-inspiring views. That engulfed the entire day until evening and then we were back to our hotel.

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The next day was en-route Lake Como which was again a train journey of 2 hours. Lake Como had a vivid view of low altitude mountain and the Lake view from the hotel balcony was stupendous. Lake Como has always been known for a wedding destination inside Ships and a very happening place in Italy. That is normally a vacation destination for Italians and a weekend transit for some cool experience. With some delicious Lobster Shrimp and wine, we took a stroll on the lake side, went to a Super Mart to purchase some local delicacies and sat at the balcony until midnight to unleash the spectacle hardly found anywhere. The next day was like a dooms day when we had to depart for India from Milan airport.

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A gazing experience it was and i could rather name it to be my best experience ever in life. Italy is actually a dream come true destination and an experience that would never fade away. I am thankful to be the lucky person to have explored the wonderful city and unleash its history even more wide. I cant thank Italy enough but promise to land on their soil again. Grazie Italia, Pronto!!!

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