Do you know?

In earlier times, Skiing was used as a means of transport to move from one place to another in cold countries.

Skiing is an activity which we all Indians relate it to carrying two sticks in hands and skating on ice. Sounds fair enough? Well, actually it’s not. The smaller the word the more difficult it is. Skiing is a north Indian activity mostly done in the Himalayas. Well that’s obvious, because there is no ice in south. Okay, jokes apart we always have some fun element and try to entertain our readers so that they don’t get blasé of reading and reading. Skiing comes under the Indian Mountaineering Foundation in India. Our Indian Himalayas provides us with the best milieu for skiing. Its pleasurable height makes it easy for skiing. The beauty of the Himalayas, its wide range of snow covering the entire region and shining at its brightest with its coercive nature will not let you escape. It’s true that skiing requires a lot of safety measures and guidelinesbut that should not come in our way of having fun. Well then what is a fun without taking a risk?

I am sure the information which I am about to disclose will surely make you back your bags and go for skiing. Well, well, well here is a surprise. Skiing is good for your health. Confused? Okay I will sweep away all your confusion. Skiing helps in toning your stomach muscles as you learn to balance your body. It also improves your cardiovascular system. If you don’t know improvement in your cardiovascular system means upgrade of heart rate which further increases blood circulation and it even works on your muscles. Sounds good right? Last but not the least it helps you to lose weight. According to experts you can lose up to five pounds within 1 week of skiing. Isn’t that cool?

Here are some popular types of skiing:

 Alpine skiing

 Backcountry skiing

 Biathlon

 Cross country skiing

 Extreme skiing

 Free skiing

 Grass skiing

 Heliskiing

 Night skiing

 Skijoring

 Ski jumping

 Ski mountaineering

 Ski Touring

 Skwal

 Snowboarding

 Snowkiting

 Speed skiing

 Telemark skiing

 Water skiing

 Freestyle skiing

Like Himalayas there are many more other places where you can go skiing.

Here are the 10 topographic points for skiing in India:

1. Pahalgam – Jammu and Kashmir

2. Gulmarg – Jammu and Kashmir

3. Auli – Uttaranchal

4. Manali – Himachal Pradesh

5. Munsiyari – Uttaranchal

6. SolangNala – Himachal Pradesh

7. Mundali – Uttaranchal

8. Narkanda – Himachal Pradesh

9. DayaraBugyal – Uttarakhand

10. Kufri – Himachal Pradesh

I am sure by now you must all have thought of started thinking about your vacation doing skiing. So, what are you waiting for? Christmas! Put your feet in the snow boats, pick up your skis, bend down your knees and leave all your fears at the back with the every step ahead of the skis. Let gravity play the rest of the role.