7 days in Japan

Photo of 7 days in Japan 1/4 by Namrata Suri
Photo of 7 days in Japan 2/4 by Namrata Suri
Photo of 7 days in Japan 3/4 by Namrata Suri
Photo of 7 days in Japan 4/4 by Namrata Suri

Japan is a place like none. Expect to be greeted with hospitality and warmth wherever you travel coupled with convenience of great public transport. Language might be a problem even in big cities so be prepared to communicate through signs and pictures. Food is interesting, tasty and too pretty to eat at times but for vegetarians - beware because Japanese consider even seafood to be vegetarian. Do your research on restaurants where you can find veggie food. 

3 days in Tokyo - Visit all the top tourist attractions but for a different experience let yourself wander through streets of Akihabara to see the 'weird' side of Japanese pop culture and fashion. And make sure you visit a karaoke bar! Book a JR English guided tour to Mount Fuji - well organized and worth every penny!

More details here: Tokyo Diaries - Part 1 and Tokyo Diaries - Part 1

2 days in Kyoto -  Kyoto - The Garden City

OsakaUniversal Studios - Osaka

Great vibrant city, karaoke bars, warm hospitable Japanese people, food heaven for non vegetarians, public transport is great, see weird stuff
Beautiful beyond measure during Sakura, lovely temples and gardens, peaceful, great weather
Universal Studios, Japan's second biggest city