An unsual Journey.....

16th Dec 2016
Day 1

With an unshaved face, with a trimmed hair cut and a lots of multiplication, subtraction & addition, i pushed myself to figure out few things in order to go for an unplanned lonely trip.

Well whats next? To go where? Few questions dancing up & down in my head. Well i dint had any idea. The only idea was to rush in the train and grab a seat.

Just got in the train. The rushed train took me to Vasco De Gama station in Goa. The thought of trip to Goa alone dint fascinate me much. So in a confusing state of mind i kept googling a few things. Finally got a start. Got the train to Murdeshwar and i was off for it..... here i go as a lonely creature creeping and popping here and there.

The empty train dint had a story to tell, but the outside scenario did. Kept my earphones aside and bag at the rack, sat on the door listening to never heard rhythem, and never seen picture. Every station crossing away had a different glimpse. Poppin out of window looking at the delightfull scenario i was loving the movement as of now. Dint knew weather the idea of going alone made me so thrilled or may be the journey which made me sooo amazed.

There wasn't huge buildings to staire at, neither concrete roads nor unique sculptures. There was just the presence of complete nature's beauty throughout my journey. No traffic, no pom pom only the trains whistle was heard. There was a bulk of bushes throughout. I felt like the big bushes shouting at the small ones or mayb telling them to be quite. There wasn't a music played anywhere bt still, i could hear the melodious tune everywhere. It maybe the cuckoss gm whishes or maybe the green planet welcoming me there. There was no one beating up the drum neither playing a guitar but still there was different type of music popping up.

Not the music but also the lyrics by the rivers attracted me too. Maybe i have seen few rivers throughout my journey, need to say they were damn beautifull and mesmerising. As blue as the sky it looked like a blue carpet speared wide. The blue surface below n the blue surface upward installed a never seen image. There were pretty islands in between the river which added more colours in this blue surface.

Maybe i was fallen for this place and hoping the journey from Goa to Murdeshwar never ends. The journey actually was not filled with different colours but was beautifully decorated with lavish colours of green & blue. And these two colours actually created a new magic out there, and also had a different new scenes and new pictures to show. Every colour has a different story so did these colours had a different unique story to tell. Well if u truly wana witness these beautifull colours then do catch a train to Murdeshwar from Goa. Yeah there comes my station and i had to say goodbye to these colours of beauty. It will b remembered as a different unique and a special trip of mine.

The blue surface

Photo of An unsual Journey..... by viian