#BestInWorst #Kabini #travelfails


Kabini...when i heard this place for the first time it feels different sounding but when i googled it looks amazing and me and my friends was planned suddenly on the day itself when i heard this name first time..Since all my previous trips are well planned i dont need to worry about anything which comes suddenly because of my forecasting skills i will be prepared for any situation but for this i don't have time to think also and when i started thinking meanwhile my friends booked zoom car and it is arrived at my doorstep also. So we didn't book any hotel , we just started with our normal backpack..2 pairs of clothes and basic bath kit and the time we start was very odd so we reached in the midnight and we couldn't find any hotel in the mid of the forest so we thought to sleep in the car itself and we did it. In the next day morning we tried to search for hotel but unfortunately our mobiles charged off and we couldn't able to bring power bank also and when we tried to charge mobile through car but by god’s grace our car battery was completely drained out and we don't know the language also to communicate with nearby people. We tried all possible ways to either charge the car battery or in the worst case at least one of our mobile and after a long struggle one of our mobile is switched on and we contacted zoom support and they sent me the repair person from Mysore after 5 hours and meanwhile we found nearby shop and we asked some local people to help by explaining our situation and luckily they helped a lot by giving some temporary shelter to our car and suggested some ideas but unfortunately those also didn't worked out and as soon as the mechanic guy came from Mysore it took an hour to repair and meanwhile we got one hotel and we went there and relaxed for sometime and then we left to Bangalore. May be we faced some issues and we scolded each other because of sudden plan without arranging proper basic things but the 5 hours that we stucked in the forest without car and mobile we spent a good time by just chilling out..All planned trips may not give you good memories but unplanned trips and unexpected funny things will remain forever in your heart more than any other trips.Be positive..enjoy every moment..just see the good things in bad situation also..that's the thing we all learnt from the trip and i feel that everything is great experience may be we couldn't see all places in our trip but at the end we all are very happy and that's all we want