Exploring Caves of Hampi | Valikilla Cave | Bali- Sugriv Gufa


Valikilla Cave or Bali - Sugriv Gufa

Situated almost a km away from the Durga temple, this exhausting trek leads you to mythological realms of Ramayana; Bali's gufa, a Baoli and the trek up the hill, crawling inside the cave and going down inside the deep crevice for the Darshan of Snake Home (Shanmukha Mandir) made out of a natural anthill and lone pujari that stays there. on the way, there are no directional signs, only follow the white painted arrow marks on random rocks and you also come across the vantage point to see Anjana temple- the birthplace of Lord Hanuman which is perched on top of a hill directly opposite to the cave

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