Gokarna: A hidden gem


When I decided that my next destination was going to be Gokarna, I applied for leaves, booked tickets, cut my hair, packed my bags and took off. Yeah, I had to mention my haircut because the bangs looked really bad for a long time. I went to Gokarna with a couple of my friends.

Photo of Gokarna: A hidden gem 1/4 by Manghala Priyah
Om beach

It was a small temple town that had two sides to it- a divine and spiritual side,and a breezy uber-cool side. Despite its proximity to Goa, Gokarna was fairly tranquil.

Photo of Gokarna: A hidden gem 2/4 by Manghala Priyah

We took an overnight bus from Bangalore, reached Gokarna early in the morning and checked-in to our hotel. We made it to three of the five beaches in Gokarna. We took a stroll along the Gokarna beach, which was very close to the main town. The narrow old-world streets of Gokarna were very beautiful to look at.

Photo of Gokarna: A hidden gem 3/4 by Manghala Priyah

We went to Kudle beach in the evening. The beach was dotted with a number of shacks and restaurants. We played for a while, clicked a few pictures, had yummy pancakes at a restaurant nearby, walked into a beach shack, booked a room, went back to our hotel, packed our bags, checked out and moved into the shack. Phew! We did not initially plan on moving out of the hotel. It was a nice hotel located in the main town with a great view, but Kudle was very tempting and we gave in.

Photo of Gokarna: A hidden gem 4/4 by Manghala Priyah

We spent the night at the beach gazing at the stars. The other people on the beach were lost in their own sweet thoughts. It was a peaceful night. The next day, we walked to Om beach from Kudle. It involved climbing up a hill and walking down. It was a short walk but it was fun. Om beach was beautiful. We took a stroll on the beach, clicked a few selfies, treated our taste buds at Namste Cafe, returned back to Kudle, packed our bags and checked out. It was a lovely trip!