Head to These Six Unique Ice-Cream Parlours in Bangalore to Satisfy Your Midnight Cravings!


Winters in Bangalore is a short affair. Now that the jackets and boots are back in the closet, let’s cool off a bit with some ice-cream, shall we? There are plenty of ice-cream parlours in the city. Some popular ones, like Natural and Apsara, have been there for decades while the new entrants are just finding a place in the hearts of ice-cream lovers.

From the typical customary vanilla cup to the traditional kulfi falooda to modern-day Italian gelato, ice-creams find their way to us in all kind of garb. Keeping all this in mind we've put together a list of ice-cream spots in Bangalore that pure scream joy!

‘Ice Breakers’ on the 60-feet road is known for its eye-catching ambiance and a range of different flavors. From handcrafted rolled ice-creams, popcorn ice-creams to chocolate chip ice-cream rolls, this place is a paradise for ice-cream lovers! Not to mention, its sinfully pleasurable dragon’s breath is an unusual treat for the taste buds.

Where: 19th Main Road, 15, 60 Feet Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru

When: 10 am to 1 am

Must try: Oreo Serious, Chocolate Malt, Vanilla Choco Fudge

Approximate cost for two: Rs. 500

If you are a local or happen to travel to Bangalore often, then Ibaco must be a known name! Ibaco is known for serving some of the quirkiest and unique flavoured ice-creams that never fail to appeal. Ibaco’s bubble gum ice-cream has its separate fan -base altogether. Besides, they also have ‘create-your-own-ice-cream’ which gives you enough room to showcase your skills .

Where: 565, 4th Block, Near CCD, Koramangala, Bengaluru

When: 11 am to 11.45 pm

Must try: Mango and Lychee, Wild berry

Approximate cost for two: Rs. 300

Art of Delight has taken the whole city on a cold ride in its truest sense with its creamy and rich ice-creams. If you're a chocolate lover and are looking for something different, try their Snickers and Ferrero Rocher ice-creams. As we get closer to the mango season, their Mango sorbet is also on offer, which is just as good as mangoes. 

Where: 13, 17th Main, 1st Cross, 5th A Block, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore

When: 12 pm to 12.30 am

Must try: Dark chocolate ice-cream, Nutella Skillet Sundae, Blueberry Cheesecake

Approximate cost for two: Rs. 400

Lakeview Milkbar is one of the oldest ice-cream parlours in the city.  First opened in the 1930s it still manages to retain its charm. This ice-cream parlour-cum-eatery started off on a humble note with merely three flavours on the menu—chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. However, with time and growing demands of customers, the parlour now has a range of flavours. Along with this, Lakeview also serves freshly baked pizzas, cakes, and grilled sandwiches.

Where: Kannan Building, 89, MG Road, Haridevpur, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru

When: 9.30 am to 1 am

Must try: Dutch Chocolate Special and German Black Forest Special

Approximate cost for two: Rs. 450

Redberrys is one of the very few spots that specialize in Italian ice-creams. Offering a plethora of options for ice-cream fanatics, their ice-creams are popularly loved for having fresh, fruit-based flavours that taste like sorbets. They also serve flavours like Brahmin's coffee, Horlicks and Bournvita. Their nachos and cheese dips are popular too!

Where: Shop No. #30, Surveyor Street, DVG Road, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru

When: 11 am to 11 pm

Must try: Chocolate Mountain Sundae, Gudbud Reinvented, Black Out

Approximate cost for two: Rs. 600

Stoner features the unique concept of ice-cream rolls with tons of toppings to choose from! The city witnessed a few of these in the last decade, but they didn’t seem to work well. Stoner’s made-to-order ice-cream rolls and baked cheesecake are to die for. One bite and you know you'll have their heart.

Where: 50, Zatakia Centre, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore

When: 11.30 am to 1 am

Must try: Salted Caramel Popcorn ice-cream, Stoner’s Chocolate Decadence

Approximate cost for two: Rs. 550

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