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Kaziranga National Sanctuary of India is one of the 36 World Heritage Sites of the country. It is famous for one horny rhinoceros (Indian rhinoceroses) all over the world. It is a prominent place in the list of World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO. Apart from this, tigers and other creatures are also found here. This park is a national park of Assam State of India.

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Kaziranga national park was declared a national park in 1905. In the winter it’s become more beautiful wildlife. Park is the home of one-horned rhinoceros, unicornis. The park is spread over an area of 430 square kilometres in central Assam.

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In the winter times Siberian birds comes at the park. There are various species of birds, peas and parrots also come in the wildlife national park. The natural environment of this garden is forested. Where there are large elephant grasses, thick trees, marshy places and shallow ponds.

Apart from the one horned rhinoceros here, elephants, Indian bison, deer, sambhar, bear, tiger, leopard, pig, cat, wild cat, hog badger etc. are found here. Here are many types of birds like Pelican, Duck, Geese, Hornbill, Ibis, Watercock, Agate, Heron, Black Neck Storks, Laser Adulents etc.

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In 2005 the wildlife sanctuary was 100 years old. Kaziranga is famous all over the world to see the wonderful views of various birds and animals in India. Earlier in the year 2012, Kaziranga came to the news when more than 500 animals died due to floods.