Exploring My Green Paradise #southindiaitinerary

2nd Nov 2018
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A view from The Ramada Resort, Kochi.

It was roughly two years back that I first did my solo travel. I had no idea what was about to happen from then on in my life, but I was pretty sure; it was going to be an adventure.

I have barely spent any time in my native and I felt that it's the first place on the entire orb I must explore. I should know what my state has to offer before I start off treks and scuba diving. I was so determined with the new job and the freedom that came along. (P.S. I am bulky so I do take quite the time to climb a rock and I can't swim.)

Kerala, God's Own Country as many would say, is my native. So, I am a Malayali by birth. It's a green paradise. But not so, if you open the newspaper. If you are a tourist, well it serves almost everything you need. If you need a really good biriyani, you could visit Calicut or any home in Kozhidode. How about shopping? Mattanchery or Lulu in Kochi? Honeymoon; Munnar, Kovalam, Wayanad,...

Day 1

Flight rates go down to Rs. 1400 at times (from Bangalore) and the bus fare from the neighboring states starts around Rs. 1000 or less. Trains run all along the districts and the commute within the districts is available almost instantly thanks to Ola and Uber. So the chance of being lost is almost impossible. Oh! I have never been.

I have visited Kannur, Palakkad, Thrissur, Kochi, Alapuzha, Kottayam, Kollam and Trivandrum districts in the state. Most of them were covered as part of a temple visit with my family or to attend a wedding. If asked to pick one; Kochi. Why? Read ahead, I will tell you.

Food: Yummm! It's just so glorious. You could have absolutely anything you want. You could be a vegetarian or egalitarian or vegan. We serve everything. You could also be a foodie like me; eating vegan for breakfast, non veg for lunch and anything available for dinner. The traditional Puttu and Kadala Curry or Aapam and Chicken Stew are the best to get the day started. The Sadhya served on the banana leaf is the fine example to show our varieties of vegetarian recipes passed down generations. It's no crime to add a Coconut Fish Curry or Beef Roast with the same meal. Evening is never a twilight without some hot steamy Tea and Pazhampori or Unnakaya. We are not the extremists and it's fair to have a Biriyani for dinner.

Day 2

Sea: The Arabian Sea with all her might adds beauty to the shores of the coastline. That's how the city became to be known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. Since 1341, the Arab, Chinese and Europeans began to expand their trade. Cheraman Juma Mosque (in Thrissur), Cantilevered Chinese fishing nets, Mattancherry Palace and Paradesi Synagogue are few fine examples displaying secularism, respecting man kind in union. Walking around Fort Cochin, there are a lot of people around me. It's beauty lies in how well and ease, the communication and trade flourishes even today. I could find Prussian vases, Chinese crockery, Kashmiri carpets, Jaipur Jewelry, Kanchipuram Sarees, Pashmina Shawls,... it just goes on. Most of India is here. Ample number of Oyo Rooms and Airbnb to accommodate at the best possible rates.

Day 3

Love: Now where did this come from? Funny as it reads. Yes, I found love in this city. Sometimes, the impossible happens at the least expected times. To me that moment was almost two years ago. It took time, effort and patience. Needed reasoning and acceptance. As always, the view from a few thousand feet above is the most spectacular. There are coconut trees and just many of them. I see the hilly terrine. A river that flows through. The sea stretching itself to kiss the blue horizon. Nature's quick recovery after the Kerala Flood that hit in August '18 was remarkable. Maybe it was nature's way of giving us a wack at the back of our heads. To remind us how beautiful it is.

I would ask my reader to think a bit and figure out how much do they really know their home town or native or locality. Our job, life and commitments had led us on various ways. But, I feel we must turn back at least once, to see how far have we come. And where did it all start.

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Like I said in the beginning, it's an adventure.



In mood for a ride.
Something yummy for my tummy.
I could have one more plate.
I cannot recall the meaning of 'diet'.
I like it 'Innovated'.
I ran for the hills.