Kollegal to Kozhikode - Long Drive

29th Sep 2017
Photo of Kollegal to Kozhikode - Long Drive by Vyshalini S Kakarla

Kerala, one of the most beautiful states in the Southern part of India, known for its cuisine, culture and scenic beauty.

Myself and my father decided to go on a long drive from our place (Kollegal, Karnataka) to Kozhikode, Kerala and return back on the same day.

Route -

Kollegal - Chamarajanagar - Gundlupet - Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (Muthanga) - Sulthan Bathery - Kalpetta - Vythiri - Thamarassery - Kozhikode (Calicut)

The moment you reach the outskirts of Gundlupet and touch the Sulthan Bathery road, there begins the amazing view - The incredible beauty of the western ghats!

We saw many spotted deers grazing on both the sides of the road. Remember to drive slow to avoid accidents or hitting the wild animals.

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best retreats in Kerala. Greenery throughout the stretch - Great treat for the sore eyes.

You will find many children, men and women selling the wild Amla fruits on the roadside. A must buy!

Sulthan Bathery is a town in Wayanad, the outskirts of the town is scenic.

We stopped at a bakery named Jiya Bakes on the NH, for a cup of tea and samosa, it was good.

Kalpetta, is another beautiful town in Wayanad district. Amazing view of tea plantation till Vythiri village. We planned to explore Vythiri on our way back home in the evening.

We continued our drive and we reached the ghat road of Thamarassery, a mesmerising viewpoint at the start of the ghats. We stopped the car and got down for a while to enjoy the view.

Photo of Kollegal to Kozhikode - Long Drive 1/10 by Vyshalini S Kakarla
View from the starting point of Thamarassery Churam

The hills drive is adventurous yet a bit dangerous - One has to drive slow and safe.

Photo of Kollegal to Kozhikode - Long Drive 2/10 by Vyshalini S Kakarla

Once the hills drive ends, you would enter a small town named Adivaram

Photo of Kollegal to Kozhikode - Long Drive 3/10 by Vyshalini S Kakarla
Amlas / Goosberries and Rao Mangoes in brine (Found throughout the Wayanad to Kozhikode region)

Then Thamarassery to Kozhikode

My first trip to Kozhikode, a short visit yet worth it.

We reached Kozhikode in the afternoon, we drove through the Francis road which stretches along the coastal or beach side (Arabian Sea) - The humidity is high. We decided to have our lunch which we had packed from home, we took a seat on a stone bench at the beachside and shared some with the crows.

Photo of Kollegal to Kozhikode - Long Drive 4/10 by Vyshalini S Kakarla
Photo of Kollegal to Kozhikode - Long Drive 5/10 by Vyshalini S Kakarla
The Beachside Bird - Kozhikode Beach (Arabian Sea)
Photo of Kollegal to Kozhikode - Long Drive 6/10 by Vyshalini S Kakarla

It is always great to make new friends while we travel, I did meet a child whose smile was infectious, we left the place after having a good time with him and his family.

Photo of Kollegal to Kozhikode - Long Drive 7/10 by Vyshalini S Kakarla

We drove through the corporation office of Kozhikode to reach the popular "SM Street" or "MITTAI THERUVU" - The best place for shopaholics. You get everything right from the footwear to hair clip, well known for the Kozhikoden Halwa.

Photo of Kollegal to Kozhikode - Long Drive 8/10 by Vyshalini S Kakarla
Mittai Theruvu or S.M. Street

The street looked busy and bright, it just gave me a mixed feeling of shopping in Commercial Street, Bangalore and Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Photo of Kollegal to Kozhikode - Long Drive 9/10 by Vyshalini S Kakarla
Renovation in progress - Mittai Theruvu or S.M. Street

Considering the time, we decided to shop only Halwas and start at the earliest.

Some of the people there suggested the shop "Malabar", we bought a variety of halwas - Banana halwa, Badam or Almond halwa, Tender Coconut Halwa and Wheat Halwa plus banana chips.

Photo of Kollegal to Kozhikode - Long Drive 10/10 by Vyshalini S Kakarla

One must experience the shopping at Mittai Theruvu to feel like an Indian. I absolutely loved it, cannot wait to visit again and shop more.

We reached Vythiri and took a drive through the Pookode Lake, one of the greenest and cleanest places to visit is Vythiri - Such a beautiful village with a good number of home stays.

We continued our drive and reached Kalpetta, we stopped at Dhe Kitchen for a cup of black tea and boost, good one and I would recommend this place. There we learnt about the Chembra peak, added it to our next visit.

From Kalpetta - Sulthan Bathery - Gundlupet- Chamarajnagar and finally Home

*No vehicles are allowed at the forest check post after 9pm

Worth the long drive!