Nostalgic food ride on my Vacation #foodtrail #IWillGoAnywhereForFood

22nd Jun 2019
Day 2

South-Indian Thaali

Photo of Kochi, Kerala, India by Paulomi Batavia

Enter God'a Own Abode. Kerela :)) So stokedup to hog on all the local south-indian delicacies and soak in the green cooling , soothing atmosphere.. Went straight up to a local eatery and had the best South-Indian Thaali. I was told by the manager of the restaurant that in their culture , Sadhya is very popular.. It is mainly prepared and served during weddings and ONAM festival. A typical Sadhya preparation looks like south-indian thaali but contains more than 24 to 26 preparations in one dish..Phew !! The Grandeur explained, Thaali relished and now move on to my Hotel.

Day 1

Kheechoo !! ( A Gujrat special ) A piping hot  Rice flour preparation topped with green chillies and red chilli + garlic oil , A dish to die for ( literally ) kickstarted my vacation to South-India from Dubai !!  Travels are going to feel 10 times better with a Kheechoo Filter 😁 through my stomach.


Photo of Jumeirah Park - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Paulomi Batavia
Day 3

I was staying at Munnar for three nights before going to my next destination, Kumarakom. While sight-seeing around the pretty pretty munnar town , I observed that what mostly the street food in this town offered was fresh mini carrots , piping hot Desi bhuttas aka Corn ( Mind you , not the sweet corn) , garma garam Green chilli Pakoras, green chillies were not so teekha and bigger in size so YUM !!! And , Vegetable MAGGIE. I went crazy for Maggie and Desi Corn. Also, loved the Chilli Pakoras. Too much to handle 😁

Street-side Vegetable Maggie

Photo of Nostalgic food ride on my Vacation #foodtrail #IWillGoAnywhereForFood by Paulomi Batavia