First Ever Scuba Diving Experience , Andaman & Nicobar 🇮🇳 

20th May 2020
Photo of First Ever Scuba Diving Experience , Andaman & Nicobar 🇮🇳 by Ankur Chugh

First Ever Scuba Diving Experience 💓

Day 1

Andaman & Nicobar Island 🇮🇳

July 2019

Well diving be it be from height of Airplane or be it be underwater has some special fear factor for me since birth . Though I knew I could not able to do Skydiving in near future but I was sure Scuba is pretty much doable .

I didn't get a chance to do this in Lakshadweep and went there with just Naked bottom boat to experience the underwater life and Krabi I was satisfied with snorkeling experience .

Somehow it was not much excitement as well so I didn't attempt to do this in Koh Samui where diving is more than popular .

Somehow it was Andaman with less tourist time .

While watching the crave of everyone around me to dive I finally said yes to my motorcycle cabbie .

He knew that he just convinced me to do Scuba Diving even when I was not excited for this attempt . Since I left the things on him and that is why he ensured further things by his own rationally . He took me at popular joint for 2000 INR inclusive of everything where in normal course as per locals , costs more than 5000 INR to 6000 INR .

Though I had the experience of snorkeling but still breathing from mouth is still not comfortable for me . I told this guy that I wanted to have first hand experience of breathing with cylinder and inside of my heart I knew that next visit is at Koh Tao and I would take that adventure for sure .

He told me not to worry since in this 45 minutes session 15 Minutes is allocated to initial training .

I went through the training video , filled the Non Objective form and wore the diving suit and get ready for saying Hi to fishes .

And here is my trainer Bhaskaran ..

We just greeted each other and he asked me whether I know Swimming and I said Hell No .. He said , Good no worries . He asked me whether this is my first attempt and I said Yes .

By this he inflated my cylinder belt a little .. He told me to to grab the nozzle through teeth and breath normally . He told me to go inside water and try to breathe .

I , like always , with a fear of breathless and not comfortable with breathing .. He made me run the excercise again and I was still at same page .

Somehow he judged that my breathing is ok but because of consciousness I take out nozzle time and again . But inside or my heart I knew for me today is not more than a training session and Diving in Koh Tao after two weeks would be final climax of this story .

It was already 30 minute there and now he was getting impatient . He told me that now we need to go to dive . I somehow was still not comfortable specially if we were at depth and I get uncomfortable there .

Now he has inflated my belt and started taking me inside water . I thought he wanted to complete this dive and hence taking me inside water without taking my final consent .

I asked him to stop and said I am not comfortable .

This was time when he said , You cannot do it .. I have seen people getting scared and I know who would able to make it and who would left in between .

He told me that he has done 6000 dives and I should have trusted him .

This was probably that time when I thought he is not giving up on me rather I am giving up on myself .

I asked him my final question .

What if I feel troubled and I need to remove nozzle and breathe in air .

He told me that don't worry , whenever you will say I would take you back to surface and you can breathe without cylinder oxigen .

I finally trusted him and his words .

He told me the time you see the colorful fishes , you would not think of anything else .

He took me down Inside and I asked me to go back at surface . He took me back in some handful of seconds .

This time he told me , whether you want to attempt a longer dive and I said Hell Yeah .

This time it was almost 3 times than first dive . We reached the base there .

This time one more instructor joined and he helped us in photography and videography .

This was more than 45 Minutes again in this pretty underwater life .

We finally came out from water and Bhaskaran said , I thought we would not dive today and I replied it was you who made me said Yes .

Then he said , This essentially calls for a beer then ..

I replied why not ..

We had Hayward 5000 together at the beach and some meaningful conversation about place , diving , history and tourists .

I told me that probably next time I go with you and next time we would go beyond deeper ....

I took his number and engaged my memories with him as my first scuba diving instructor .

Will meet him again in some other underwater day 💓

Photo of Port Blair by Ankur Chugh
Photo of Port Blair by Ankur Chugh
Photo of Port Blair by Ankur Chugh