Drive through Highest Motorable Road to #Nubra Valley #khardungla #Hunder #ladakh

18th Aug 2017

Nubra Valley is about 150km from Leh but the curvy and rough roads takes a bit long time as expected to reach. We started early in the morning, the journey has got some beautiful landscape. We crossed many hills, riding up and down, from the Naked mountains the view is slowly transforming to snow laden hills.

Photo of Drive through Highest Motorable Road to #Nubra Valley #khardungla #Hunder #ladakh 1/1 by Apeksha Mahto

The increase in chillness and snow being visible was clear indication that we were nearing the Khardungla Pass, the Highest Motorable Road(18,380 ft). The pass is fluttered all over with the Prayer flags with people posing for a pic under the sign board to keep everlasting memory of clinching the top, the sun rays were illuminating the snow turning it into white pearl. We parked only for 20min (recommended 15min) owing to less oxygen supply at the top, there are army hospitals for any emergency situations if any.

Day 3
Photo of Khardung La by Apeksha Mahto

We headed direct to our stay which was a cottage between the trees and hills. The sound of water flowing next to our cottage can be heard, the sound was not only soothing to the ears but was a relaxing therapy for our tiresome souls.

Photo of Nubra Valley, Hunder by Apeksha Mahto

From Khardungla we descend and travel to Diskit village, most of the areas are barren hills and lands without any greenery. At some places ice melting water is flowing in small streams with green patches around them. On the way near Khalsar village there are ATV rides, it was not less than a roller coaster ride in the sand dunes along the Shokya river on one side.

Photo of Diskit Gompa, Diskit by Apeksha Mahto

Diskit Monastery this is one of the oldest and largest Buddhist Monastery in the Nubra Valley. There is a big statue of Maitreya Buddha also called as Jampa. The road to monastery starts from market place to the hill top. We stopped by for Lunch and again started travelling the flat barren desert road to Nubra Valley.

Photo of Drive through Highest Motorable Road to #Nubra Valley #khardungla #Hunder #ladakh by Apeksha Mahto

As you enter the valley there is Sand dunes on one side and mountains on the other, the tiny streams melting snow sparkling on the hills.

Photo of Hunder Sand Dunes, Hunder by Apeksha Mahto

Evening we visited Hunder sand dunes, it is one of the highest altitude desert in the world. This place has a very scenic view to it as it is surrounded by mountains all around. Like an oasis amidst the cold desert, Hunder Sand Dunes are beautiful beyond imagination.

Here you see the Bactrian Camels and Pashmina Goats. We took a safari on the Bactrian camel around the desert looking at the sun drowning under the hills leaving a beautiful red-orange sky. We got lucky to witness the Tibetan dance form being performed for the tourist. The ladies were laden with silver jewelry and beautiful traditional dress.

Photo of Drive through Highest Motorable Road to #Nubra Valley #khardungla #Hunder #ladakh by Apeksha Mahto

We are back to our cozy beds after a long day, the sound of water flowing, the cricket and other insect can be heard clearly as there was immense peace here, away from the honking and hustle bustle of city.

We have travelled from plains of Leh to snow capped mountains of Khardungla and then descending to the sand dunes of Nubra all in a day journey. The landscapes changes every now and then, leaving you marveling to the beauty of it and speculating for what next to come, each sight is stunning in itself.

The day four started amidst admiring the beauty of the sun rising the horizon. We spend some time relaxing around and exploring the flora around the cottage, was at the time to see the apricots hanging down the trees. After breakfast we started our journey back to Leh. We could not stop ourself from stopping again at Khardungla Pass.

Next day we travel to our last stop of the trip, the mesmerizing blue lagoon..........Continue