One way ticket to Leh!!

1st May 2014
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chang laa
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feeling on top of the world
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a prayer in my heart
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its been 2 years and more but the memories of that beautiful landscape is fresh in my heart.

the place itself cannot be explained in 1000 words and needs to be experienced 1st hand.

I would recommend travel alone so that you end up making friends and cherishing those long lasted memories.


do take medicine for headaches and fever and carry some sweets all the time as you can feel dizzy most of the time

carry one hefty jacket with you as the temperatures fall very easily when going from the day to night

keep good pair of sneakers as you will be travelling a lot by foot


don't drink liquor as it will increase your blood pressure thus making you fall sick

don't drink normal tap water in leh as it is full of minerals and cant be bad for your stomach

if you have asthma carry your medicines with you as the altitude sickness takes over

eat light and keep yourself hydrated all the time

do bargain a lot while sharing rides as the travel agencies can fool you very easily

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