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We could not afford to pull out of the highway to stop by the town as it was just about sundown at the time we spotted the signboards for Ratnagiri. And then we realized that the way which felt fairly demanding till now was actually a cakewalk. Because as the sun went down and the blind corners became gloomier, it felt more like an exercise to commute through the serpentine curves and flashing headlights of the approaching vehicles. At last after experiencing plentiful contrasting adventures we checked in to the Goa border through a small border checkpost and reached our destination roughly at 11 PM. Our first destination was Arambol which is the foremost tourist town in Goa.Travelling along the western ghats for nearly 12 hours, I can articulate that the whole drive was exhausting and in no sense a comfortable one, But as they say the best view comes after the hardest climb, the drive was one of the most memorable and incredible journey I have ever had. Albeit the commute drained me yet the lush ghats loaded with freshness and charm of nature filled me with a rejuvenating feeling of joy and peace, and I am really glad that I did not miss out this trip.

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