About Phnom Penh

After a very long and wet bus journey from Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, we arrived in Phnom Penh. The bus stopped on a huge motorway going straight through the city and we could see on our iPhone map that we weren't far from the hostels, so we managed to cross the road without being pestered by tuk tuk drivers! The first thing that hit us when we stepped off the bus was the heat. It was baking! As we made our way to the hostel area, unfortunately most were either booked or a little too expensive (for Cambodia), finally after strolling around for a while we found a massive purple building aptly named Purple Hostel that had vacancies. It was a nice place and the staff were very friendly. The only thing was that our room was on the top floor and they didn't have an elevator. Our room had no air-con but it did have a huge fan that we had on throughout our stay and a TV that had a few English channels.

Best Time To Visit Phnom Penh

Best time to visit Phnom Penh is from December to February

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