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We spent time working out the next route from Hong Kong to Hanoi in Vietnam via Nanning, we opted for the cheapest option we could find which was to get the subway to Shenzhen and then hopefully just get an overnight bus to Nanning. Luckily our research proved to be reliable and we got tickets easily at a fraction of the cost it would have been from Hong Kong. Before our departure we had time to kill so went shopping. Shenzhen is prime shopping ground for many label copies and the building was huge. It's a massive shopping mall with hundreds of little shops. I had some Hong Kong dollars to use up so spent it on a couple of bracelets but note that they are always sprayed silver so after a short while it will turn copper! We left 5 hours later feeling totally shopped out and had our first experience of a night bus. Liam slept like a log and I felt as sick as a dog...great! I watched a ridiculously cheesy/funny film and then managed to sleep.

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