Sailani island in narmada river m.p.

18th Aug 2022
Day 1

The newly built tourist island in the Narmada river stands to welcome the tourists.

          In fact, Madhya Pradesh is like a paradise for tourists.  Mountains, forests and reservoirs are the specialty of this place, then religious place is world famous. There is a hill station like Pachmarhi, whose sunrise and sunset can be seen from Dhupgarh peak.  On the other hand, Tiger Reserves like Pench and Kanha Kisli attract tourists.  Religious tourist places are included in Ujjain's Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar Dwadash Jyotirlinga, which have become pilgrimage sites for tourists from all over the country.  Bhimbetka and Sanchi are included in the ancient heritage.

     Madhya Pradesh is now writing a new chapter by developing some new tourist destinations.  This includes Hanuvantia for water sports and tourist islands in serene and idyllic places.

         A small island has emerged in the back water of Omkareshwar Dam built on the Narmada river, which has been developed by the State Government's Tourism Development Corporation in the name of Sailani Island.

      This island is situated amidst dense forests in a peaceful, uninhabited place.  From the Barwah tehsil headquarters of Khargone district, entering the forests through unpaved roads, after covering a distance of about 15 to 20 kilometers, the tourists come to the jetty to go to the island.  From where the island can be reached by boat.

      We had not heard about the tourist island before going here.  The colleague had the idea of ​​traveling to Omkareshwar with four friends, but as soon as he proceeded towards Badwah, he saw the sign board of the tourist island on the left and before Barwah, he felt that he should go here and suddenly the car turned.  Through the unpaved paths of the forest department, they slowly started moving forward in the forests.  It was 1 pm and the month was October.  After traveling for about forty five minutes we parked the car on the banks of river Narmada.  Moving forward, 3-4 boats were parked around the jetty to take the tourists.  Got the ticket and sat down in the boat. The waters of the Narmada were of immeasurable depth.  Our boat was moving fast towards the island.

     The distance from the jetty to the island should be 700 meters, the driver took us to the ghat to go to the island after seeing the abundant waters of Narmada and dropped us off.  We reached the hill by climbing the stairs above the ghat.  A hotel built by the Tourism Development Corporation between the teak forest and the forest in front.  It had living rooms and a restaurant.  There were chairs for the meeting.  We went and captured the whole scene in our eyes.  After having tea, we went for a walk in the forest for some distance.  There was a feeling of great joy.  Scooters were kept here for the tourists.  Through which they can take a walk in the forest.  However, there is no wild animal in any way in the forests.  But the joy of living amidst greenery and natural environment is something else.  We did not come here after pre-booking the hotel, due to which we did not get a room in the hotel.  Nevertheless, after spending a comfortable 4 hours here, he left for Omkareshwar.  With this thought in mind, you will come back after pre-booking.  Waking up early in the morning, talk to the trees and listen to the chirping of birds in a deserted forest.  You will enjoy staying here.

    The best time to visit the island is from September to March.  Those who are willing to live in a quiet place, amidst an environment full of nature, they must come here once.  Not only will there be an interview with nature, the delicious food of the hotel of Tourism Development Corporation will also increase your enjoyment. Travelers must keep in mind one thing that tourists should go to the island only after pre-booking, otherwise there is no room available to stay there immediately.  Can't happen.  Booking is available on travel sites like MakeMyTrip.

  * Harishankar Sharma

Photo of Sailani island in narmada river m.p. by Hari Shankar Sharma
Photo of Sailani island in narmada river m.p. by Hari Shankar Sharma
Photo of Sailani island in narmada river m.p. by Hari Shankar Sharma