Why One Should Visit Taj Mahal Once in Life

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The Taj Mahal was once referred to as the tears on eternity's cheek by a beautiful poet. Agra is the shelter of several masterpieces; one of them is the Taj Mahal. Every year, thousands of visitors, as the residents of Agra, come to the city to see the Taj Mahal.

The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan created the most incredible tomb in history to memorialise his love for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. I would highly recommend you to have this luxury taj mahal tour at least once in your lifetime. We have compiled five strong reasons why you should tour the Taj Mahal.

Romance of the royals

Photo of Why One Should Visit Taj Mahal Once in Life by kk sharma

Pure love is the major manifestation of this magnanimous structure. This building currently serves as the love Scripture of the universe. If you think romance, loyalty, and selflessness run in your veins, you must come to this building to enjoy that manifestation of beauty and fine art in one glance.

The Taj Mahal is in its peak beauty at night. The Taj Mahal complex is accessible to visitors five nights out of every lunar cycle. The beauty of full moon night from the Taj Mahal is spectacular.

Magnificent Outer beauty

Photo of Why One Should Visit Taj Mahal Once in Life by kk sharma

The complex's southernmost area is where the building's primary entrance may be. Red sandstone was used to build the gorgeous Taj Mahal and has calligraphic characters that quote the Quran.

Twenty-two white domes may be seen as you exit the gate. These stand for the 22 years it took to construct this building.

You can locate a symmetrical Persian garden during luxury agra tour. Islamic legend describes heaven as having a lush garden.

The water channel that separates the garden's four sections symbolizes the sea of honey, wine, milk, and water (seas found in paradise, according to the Quran).

Every Islamic building contains a mosque that faces the holy city of Mecca. The primary purpose of the guesthouse on the complex's east side was to preserve symmetry throughout the building. Pilgrims eventually filled the guest houses.

Photo of Why One Should Visit Taj Mahal Once in Life by kk sharma

t is a substantial dome-shaped building with four minarets on either side. It's interesting to note that the minarets are not parallel to the ground. They are constructed at an angle so that the Taj Mahal won't be damaged by an earthquake that ruins the minarets.

The monument's outside walls were constructed to provide an optical illusion. The building has four sides with pilasters and chamfered corners. Four sides make up these pilasters, and the fourth side is joined to the main wall.

So, just the three sides are visible. Focus on the V-shaped theme by moving closer to the wall. As you go closer to the walkway, you'll see that the pilaster now has six sides rather than just three.

Experience testimony of true love

The monument features chamfered corners on all four sides. There are four-sided pilasters at each corner. The pilasters' other three sides are visible, and one of their sides is fixed to the wall. This is the secret. Move closer to the water by at least three meters. Focus on the V-shaped pattern. As you get closer to the wall, you'll see that there are now six sides to the pilasters instead of just three.