Meghalaya Diaries

22nd May 2021
Photo of Meghalaya Diaries 1/3 by Dhruv Dutta

Over 800 KMS among some untraveled roads of Meghalaya......

Photo of Meghalaya Diaries 2/3 by Dhruv Dutta

Day 1 

Reached Guwahati picked up the bike and had some amazing rice and fish with good night's sleep before the ride started.


12 th May early morning with the bags packed and on the way to one of the wettest place in the world "Cheerapunjee"

On the way was welcomed by Bhrampatura River while entering and exiting Shillong .............

Shillong passed and then entered the East Khasi Hills reaching my destination among the valley "Cascade Home Stay" an amazing place with the complete view of "Dainthlen Falls" - which has a Snake story behind its origin

I was oblivious of technology as a recent cyclone had take away the modern fixtures - absolute no power and nothing but to enjoy the nature and the bliss that the place had. Had 2 little buddies who were there to entertain with their tails wagging............


With zero connectivity and no connection with the friends lists.............. I headed out to check one of natures beauty - "Double Root Bridge" - This is about 30 Kms from where I was and it was an amazing ride among the valleys filled with green cover and curves all the way.

The trek down is pretty easy- just that you have to tackle 3000 odd steps with about 90% humidity - just that and then you reach to see a marvel that will bring in all the energy you need to be recharged as in when you reach you see that clear water and all you can think of is to jump in did I 😊

Trek up was less motivating as hunger games were being played with the acid build up in the stomach waiting to digest some good food ASAP....... After a 3 hour trek up and reaching the top - one would end up eating just about anything you can get hands on and I found some delicious food in "The Crescent Hotel" Nohkalikai Rd. Sohra Market(Cherra Bazaar - Don't ask what I ate though --

The night was entertained with the 2 puppies, David and his team along with some live music , bonfire - different story that the bonfire disappeared once the storm came inn..........

Day 4

Time to bid adios to David and head out to Tura - Another small town which is less known and very close to our country's neighbour Bangladesh

The ride was awesome as the had some perfectly laid roads with the right angels and views were breath-taking on the way ......................................

The pitstop enroute to Tura became more advetreous where I found accommodation in a small town called Rongjeng - amazingly warm people who came to help me find a place food and drinks and I made a big bunch of friends who were so happy to share the evening over some lovely snacks and beer - friends who are still in touch 😊

The IP Bunglow was the night stop - perfectly haunted place filled with all sorts of wildlife - huge lizards making their presence felt - but fortunately none decided to visit 😊

Day 5

With a calm and peaceful stay in the IP Bungalow - headed my way to Tura - A town crowded but amazingly disciplined with traffic rules

The pitstop and the most lavish stay Hotel Polo Orchid. Amazing place with some lovely staff who were surprised I landed there that too Solo that too on a Bike - I was like an item on display for their hotel staff- but that helped me fish for local food - and on my the options of meats are amazing there and I just ate and ate and ate right from the time I reached Tura-

With good food comes Pelga Falls - man I was astonished to find that I was only tourist there who had come to visit the place and it was such a calm and amazing place to be at - no one to around and you cross a bamboo bridge watch the water fall and enjoy the symphony of nature in your own company.

Day 6

Plan was to trek - but Double root bridge had drained my dreams of trekking

Day 7

Photo of Meghalaya Diaries 3/3 by Dhruv Dutta