Different Types Of Travel Insurances Helpful At Different Stages Of Foreign Travel In A Lifetime

24th Jan 2020

Everybody loves to travel. Travelling is all about spending time with your loved ones or with yourself and creating some lovely memories. But more often than we’d like to admit, things do not go according to the plan. What do you do then? This is when Travel Insurance comes into the picture. Travel Insurance is a plan that protects you from certain budgetary risks and misfortunes that can occur while traveling. These losses can be minor, like a delayed bag, or not so minor, like last-minute trip cancellation or a health-related crisis overseas.

Regardless of whether you travel abroad for business or leisure, unfortunate events can affect your travel plans causing monetary problems and unnecessary expenditures. Travel Insurance shields you from such dangers by guaranteeing that you are not left stranded in any crisis. Travel insurance is further divided into various types which helps the traveler at different stages of foreign travel in a lifetime. Some of them are:

Student Travel Insurance:

Students from all over the world travel to various countries in order to pursue higher education. Planning for higher studies overseas requires a lot of preparation. A part of the planning process involves being prepared for a crisis like Medical emergencies, personal liability, bail bond (in case of trouble involving police) that may involve large finances. Student Travel Insurance is a reasonable and compelling answer to the issue and is a significant requirement while planning to study abroad.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance:

This plan is perfect for travel enthusiasts or the ones who travel very frequently due to work commitments. Buying travel insurance every time you travel can be a task. Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance allows you to enjoy protection for all your trips abroad throughout the year. The inclusion offered with this arrangement is similar to a single-trip travel insurance plan. It reduces the hassle of having to buy travel insurance for every trip.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance:

A Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan is structured exclusively to take into account the requirements of senior citizens aged 60 years or above (age requirement may vary). These plans cover some age-related and health-related risk-factors that are not covered by a normal travel plan. Elderly travelers convey much more risk than younger travelers. Due to this, the premiums charged for senior citizen travel insurance plans are higher than an ordinary travel insurance plan. Be that as it may, traveling without insurance could be all the more harming to your wallet, in the event that there's a crisis abroad.

Schengen Travel Insurance:

Schengen is a part of 26 states in the European Union that comprise of the Schengen area. The laws when it comes to applying for a Visa for these countries are a little different and stricter. The law says, if you are on a business or leisure trip to these countries, you need to acquire a Schengen Visa. But to be able to apply for a Schengen Visa you need to buy Schengen Travel Insurance.

Asia Travel Insurance:

Asian countries are often very frequently chosen travel destination. Travel Insurance is essential for all travelers, traveling to numerous countries in Asia. Asia Travel Insurance is usually very affordable when compared to other overseas travel insurance plans.

Let Travel Insurance be a major part of your preparation while planning for your next trip. With Travel Insurance Coverage you can make sure your trip is safe and secure.