From city scapes to the green lonavala in monsoon

16th Jul 2019

I reached Mumbai on a Friday evening with a lot of hopes and expectations to travel around the state that spans west-central India. Mumbai certainly welcomed me with rain and heavy breeze as it was July.

I came down to my aunt's place and stayed over for the night. The next morning, me with my sister along with her husband left for lonavala by car.

Filled with spirit and excitement we were eager to traverse through the most talked about expressway i.e Mumbai-Pune expressway.

The expressway diverges through the western ghat hills and waterfalls. Monsoon is probably the best and perfect time to experience the road trip as it makes the journey more beautiful.  It rejuvenates the mind and gives scenic views of the western ghats in its lush green cover of flora.

It was around afternoon when we reached the Rajmachi fort which is in the udhewadi village between Mumbai and Pune.The trek to the fort is worth the view from the top. It has a deep valley on three sides and thick and dark forest on the other. This fort belonged to the famous king Shivaji.

After having lunch in a nearby dhaba we started moving towards Nagphani woods. It is also called the Duke's nose as the top of the hill resembles the hood of a snake. It is covered with huge topographic beauty and hiking to this spot leads many important landmarks.

If you want to stay in lonavla, spot a hotel from the oyo app as I did. The hotel was tucked out of the main city of lonavla surrounded with breathtaking views of the mountain peaks and glimmering waterfalls. It was just the thing which I came to lonavla for at first place!

Photo of Lonavala, Maharashtra, India by Debashmita Majumdar