Kinder Scout Hike, Peak District, United Kingdom

21st Aug 2014
Photo of Kinder Scout Hike, Peak District, United Kingdom 1/2 by Aanchal Karnwal
On way to Kinder
Photo of Kinder Scout Hike, Peak District, United Kingdom 2/2 by Aanchal Karnwal
At Kinder's top

Hiking is an idea to get fit and reach that summit, and no doubt  that I look forward to attain those benefits too.

But what pulls me into hiking is the excitement of going out of my way, beyond what I was prepared for and getting lost onto the trails and then finding my way back through those extra miles that add the adrenaline rush in my body.

A hike to Kinder Scout ( Water over the edge) was one of the similar day. It is known as black mountain too and it resides in the beautiful valley of Peak District. I have been to Peak District earlier too, but the very famous British rains did not give me a chance to explore this valley very much and I was confined to the interiors of my tent for most of time.

Drove to the beautiful village of Burch Vale and stayed in a very nice, economical B&B- The Old Post Office( The owners are lovely people and extremely helpful. They will be ready to help you to provide necessary information about the place or direct you to appropriate resource.
The hike starts from a car park near Edale Village, you should walk up to the National trust Information centre and from that point onwards your hike will start giving you the option to choose two routes: 1. Grindsbrook Booth leading to leading to Edale Moor and then up to Kinder Scout and come back via Jacobs ladder leading to Pennie’s way. 2. Upper Booth leading to Jacobs ladder to Kinder Low and then up to Kinder Scout/kinder Downfall and come back via Edale Moor. Whichever route you choose, there will be a certain amount of scrambling up and down, some quite steeps ascent and descent, ladder walk but with a view to cherish forever in your eyes. It is an exposed plateau and it could be windy, misty and very cold. Very very easy to get lost in case the clouds turns up and spoils the walk. 1. I choose a sunny day but it turned out to be a very windy day. My Cap flew away with the force of wind and at many points I felt I will be blown up by the wind force. So make sure you choose a sunny day with no winds or little breeze. The lady at National trust told us when we were leaving that wind above will be 5*wind that you are facing at the base. So that wind will definitely temper your progress and will make you much tired. 2. Carry a Map and Compass, if you don’t have one buy it and learnt to use it. Kinder scout trail is not well-marked and there are chances you will get lost on this plateau. On mountains you can never be dependant on weather forecast, so if it turns misty or clouds, these navigation skills will come handy. 3. Carry water bottle, sandwiches for those little breaks, thermals, cap, gloves, sunglasses, whistle, first aid kit. 4. A good walking boots, believe me you will fee blessed. I saw people walking up in their flipflops and without any jackets, I have no idea how they bear that climb. (NO, I am not weak Girl ) On they way you will encounter small waterfalls, kinder reservoir, cairns and amazingly shaped stones. It was an amazing day where I walked endlessly and still felt content. I am definitely going back to Peak District again and to explore other mountains of this valley.
Photo of Edale, United Kingdom by Aanchal Karnwal
It is a strenuous hike of 14.2Kms and will check your ability at many points during the hike. But once you reach the summit, you will forget all about carrying those heavy backpacks, jumping from boulder to boulder, walk on the peat bogs, there will be just a rhythm playing in your ears, a rhythm that will appreciate the beautiful nature creation around you.
Photo of Kinder Scout, Hayfield, High Peak District, United Kingdom by Aanchal Karnwal
Amazing home-made Burgers in Castleton. The Grouse Pub and Chinese restaurant in Birch vale.( I have no link for it