A Day In Nainital

11th Jun 2016
Day 1

I was laying on my bed suddenly, I realised it's been a month since I have not travelled anywhere, I took out my phone , checked the status of last bus to nainital, packed my bag and left Delhi within next 2 hour.
It was cold and dark when I entered in the arms of heaven . As it is the peak season, I booked my hotel at bhimtal which is situated at a distance of 11 k.m from nainital. It was a nice and comfy room and thanks to the transportation system, I hardly faced any problem , I took a nap and than had my food and left my hotel . Tracked 11 k.m all the way i enjoyed alot and also took great pics .
I reached allu khet at 2 p.m . It's a lovely track but before that u might be caught by military camp as this stretch is in military area, just ask them that you want to go to temple, and they may allow. You will see beautiful landscape all the way and deep jungle, even the sunrise could not pass through it ,scary but adventurous at the same time . This milestone on which I am standing please avoid this, you may fall, even I was scared haha so at the end you will find the temple just go behind the temple and sit there, you will be able to see far of mountains, even you can camp at this place , so travelers go there sit quietly and thank the positive energy for the beautiful life.

Never ending love for mountains

Photo of A Day In Nainital by Anurag Thakur