Must Try Street Foods in Nainital

27th Nov 2018
Day 1

Nainital is an extremely popular hill station of North India. Even though it might not attract as much tourist as Simla and Mussoorie does yet the Naini Lake adds to its charm and acts as a differentiating factor as compared to these other popular hills stations. When it comes to hill stations, apart from local sightseeing and exploring, I also love to explore the local food.

Nainital has a plethora of restaurants and Everytime I visit, more new age cafes keep opening up but what satiates my hunger truly is trying some of their Street side food. Here is a list of things that you should try if you are a foodie :

1 ) Momos at Sonams

If you are Momo fanatic and a non vegetarian like me, then the first place you should head to is Sonam in Tibetan market. This is a very small and not so hygienic shop but yet it serves one of the best Mutton momos I've had till date. The Momos are all freshly prepared and served with tangy chilly sauce burning your lips but you would relish every bite of them as they melt in your mouth. One needs to be wary as they get over pretty quickly in the evening.

2) Maggi at Kilbury

A half hour drive from main Nainital will take you to Kilbury which has a slightly higher altitude and from you here you can watch the magnificent peaks and panoramic views as you enjoy some hot and soupy Maggi. Even though Maggi is the same everywhere and  people use same ingredient, yet having them in the hills and amidst the clouds definitely does some wonders to it .

3) Bun Tikki at Bishtis Outside Sherwood College Gate

Now, I'm not very sure whether this small shop still exists or no, but during our day it used to serve one to the best Bun Tikkis, I've had till date. The Patty in The Bun used to be freshly prepared in oil and they used to add some tangy chutny and a few cholas and along with fresh bun, it used to taste delicious and dearth cheap that too.

4) Bun Omelettes at Egg Stalls near Flats

Equally popular in Hill Stations are Bun Omelettes which are freshly prepared. This you would find at any local egg stalls or even any small tea shops. The omelettes here are kept very basic and they just add little bit of green chilly to it but it complements really well with the sweet buns that they are kept inside and along with some good tea makes it a perfect breakfast for one.

5) Fried Potatoes Near Hdfc Bank, Mall Road

Well if you are thinking of McDonald's , these fries are definitely not like them. But if you like spicy then would simply love these and forget all the Peri Peri fries that you've had till date as they are a notch above them and with the local chutny served , they taste all the more delectable . This is a small shop located very closed to HDFC Bank in Mall Road

So, if you are street food junkie and happen to visit Nainital anytime soon, these are some of the local street foods that you should definitely give a try.