Nainital - On the Way Caught By Police

6th Oct 2016
Day 1

If you are a regular reader of my Blog then you must know who are the travellers in our Group.But for the new I will update it..

Navankur Chaudhary - MBBS at Muzaffarnagar medical college

Puneet Yadav - Agricultural At Navsari Gujarat

Akash - Pmt Aspirer

Anuj - Dancer & PMT Aspirer

So our Journey Started in June when there were lots of news of Floods in Pithoragarh and Uttrakhand. But we still wanted to travel to make our life a little stress free and this was just 2 days tour as we had a budget of 7000/- INR only. In this we had to book A Self-Drive Car and a Hotel also upon reaching the Destination. But we inturn spended 9000/-. Which we divided upon reaching Delhi.

So Car was booked for 10'00 in Night as we wanted to reach the Destination till Next Morning and Enjoy the whole Day.

So we Picked our Car Which was Ford Figo from New Delhi. And started our journey we were in a hurry to leave the traffic of Delhi and hit the highway as soon as possible. It was a around 320km journey . So as we were just a road away from the Highway a Red light came and due to night I didn't notice the bump in the road and the car just jumped over that and luckily there was Police PCR at other side of the road. I thought the Police will follow us and enquire us whether we are drunk or not. I was constantly looking at the side mirror to check if we were being followed and as soon as we were just taking a turn towards the Highway NH 24 a SUV of police came right in front of us and 4-5 Policemen came and pulled out guns on Us thinking we are like thieves or the baddest like terrorist and I being driver was said to come out first but due to Nervousness I was not able to unhook the seat Belt and when all my friends were out then I relaxed and came out at last. Police checked us throughout for anything suspicious but we were clean checked the whole car and asked for papers and License luckily we had all things. So we thought