Hidden Gems - Devlali

2nd May 2014

Located just miles away from the teeming city of Nashik, Devlali is a quaint, little hill station. This former British Army camp is all about old world charm and a reminder of a by gone era. Time passes by at its own leisurely pace here. Surrounded by lush greenery and home to pleasant whether Devlali is the perfect getaway from your busy day-to-day life. If some peace and tranquility is what you are searching for then Devlali is just the place. But be warned there isn't much to do here except unwinding and maybe some soul-searching. You could always visit the famous Muktidham Temple for a spiritual experience or drive over to Sula Wines for a fun time with friends but when you are at this beautiful little hide away I suggest you just kick your shoes off, take in the beauty all around you, sip on something warm to keep you cozy in Devlali's chilly whether and simply RELAX!