Top 10 Questions asked by people Travelling to DELHI


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Planning to visit Delhi, you must read the following questions!

1. What is the Best time to travel to Delhi?

May & June are extremely hot in Delhi and travelling around gets difficult. July & August get rains causing disruption in commuting. Since traveling in extreme summer and rains might be difficult, travelling Delhi from November to April is good. November to January are winter months, and February to April are spring months.

2. Is the smog problem real in Delhi?

Yes. In winter months of November, December, and January Delhi faces the problem of smog and you should try to carry a mask with you which you can buy at local pharmacies/medical shops here.

3. How to commute in the city?

Delhi has very reliable, organised and extensive Metro train network that connects almost all the famous places of Delhi, this is also true for the bus network in Delhi managed by DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation). These means are crowded and if you wish to escape that you can book your cab via Ola, Uber or a cab from your hotel to get around the city. It is also easy to get autos and man pulled rickshaws in Delhi. We suggest that you fix your amount with auto or rickshaw before starting your ride or agree that you will be charged by meter according to the kilometres you ride.

4. Where to stay?

Delhi has all sorts of accommodations starting from hostels to luxury hotels. Paharganj is backpackers paradise where you get cheap rooms that are not available online. These are to be considered if you plan to stay for months and are looking for cheaper accommodations. You can get hotels in Connaught Place easily and can use websites like or to make your bookings.

5. Where to eat?

Delhi has abundance of street food, small & big, vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants. You will get all types of food in Delhi and it will not be a problem. Avoid eating too much of street food if you are not used to it to avoid getting diarrhoea or upsetting your stomach because of unhygienic street food.

6. Is tipping compulsory in Delhi restaurants?

No. Tipping is not compulsory in Delhi but people usually leave 5% to 10% of the bill as tip. It is totally fine if you do not.

7. How much travelling costs in Delhi?

Staying in a decent hotel will be anywhere from Rs 1500 to Rs 3000, your meals may cost you around Rs 150 - Rs 250 per meal per person and travelling in Bus & Metro will be around Rs 200 - Rs 300 per day. You can also opt for a daily pass for bus travel, AC or non-AC. Traveling alone, a mid range traveler can travel comfortably in around Rs 2000 to Rs 2500.

8. How is taxi system in Delhi?

There are taxis from Airport to drop you but not in the inner city. Delhi has the concept of autos and rickshaws and we recommend you to not get into cabs/taxis in the inner city without booking online. It has Ola & Uber network in the city for online bookings.

9. Is Delhi Safe?

You can go to public places alone comfortably during the day but do not wander alone at night. The police number is 100 but it is not as active as 911 in the US. You may get some problems in conversing in English or non-Hindi languages with local policemen, so you better avoid getting in troubles. Beware of pickpockets during the day and take care of your phones, cameras & belongings. Women may experience some guys staring at them but in case of any eve-teasing, you can take police help immediately. You can ask for help from patrolling police vans in Delhi or call 1091 or 1090 or 181. Also, you can shout and the local crowd may also help you out.

10. Is language a problem in Delhi?

Language is not a problem in good restaurants, hotels and public places. You can get English guides at monuments to help you visit. Most of the crowd is educated but you can experience problems in Old Delhi and with local vendors who speak in Hindi. In those cases, you can ask some of the by passers to help you out by translating for you. It is totally acceptable in Delhi.

Go ahead and shoot your queries if you are travelling to Delhi and are facing any doubts.

Happy Delhing :)

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