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Morning Nate took me to Holly area where we have clicked images of Red-Naped Sapsucker and beautiful purple martins. After a bit of adventure in capturing images of purple martins in flight. We had reached Seabeck area just at the right time. We had a great action of Bald Eagles with fishes.After Seabeck, I was on my own from now on. I turned on my GPS and headed towards Paradise Inn, Mount Rainier National Park.Mount Rainier’s peak is almost 14.5k Ft ASL. You can see Mount Rainier anywhere from Seattle and Tacoma areas. You just cannot miss it, for first few days it keeps distracting you while driving. Be very careful during sunrise and sunset times, the colours change by every second it is magical and you will be forced to stop and watch the scene.It was a 2.5 hr drive after crossing Tacoma the highway was without dividers with amazing scenic beauty.

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