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Hanoi and food kind of go hand in hand. The street food culture is amazing and to really understand the local vibe and culture you need to eat your way through it! Be more than a tourist. Be a traveller. It started with me trying to find a little food joint called Banh Cuon Gia TruyenThis little place had gotten some great reviews about their Vietnamese Rice Pancakes and I for one was dying to try it. The place was small and unfortunately quite unappetizing as it was very unclean. I wish the tables were not dirty and had less waste on the floor, but I found myself liking the translucent rice crepes (mine were stuffed with little shrimp). Was it the best place to grab lunch? Probably not. But the food was a thumbs up in my book.

Best Time To Visit Hanoi

Best time to visit Hanoi is from December to February

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