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Try the amazing local delicacies like White Rose, the yummy Vietnamese pizza which is a grilled rice paper with egg and vegetable toppings, fresh beer for just 4-5000 VND (dirt cheap as it's almost Rs.13), Thai Banana/Nutella rotis, coconut cakes etc. Go for shopping as it will be cheaper here than the bigger cities like handicrafted purses, leather stuff, silk scarfs, silk sleeping bags, the popular Weasel coffee, souvenirs etc. I got myself a black blazer stitched for almost 47-48 USD which was delivered to me the very next day. Unimaginably quick & no compromise in quality as such! Do scout a bit and bargain for stitching prices, as they can go variably low with what they offered at the first go. I loved mine! Give yourself ample time to just aimlessly walk around the Night Market, admire the lanterned streets, binge upon things, and yes....get those fabulous massages done. I splurged more on massages infact than the shopping. Hoi An was by far the most picturesque and photogenic place in the entire Vietnam. Very very pretty! Tip: BARGAIN & BARGAIN!

Best Time To Visit Hoi An Ancient Town

Best time to visit Hoi An Ancient Town is from November to March

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