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Days 5 & 6: We go back further in timeOnwards from Florence, we reached Naples by train late evening. Though there are many things to see here, we chose to skip those as we had our sights on the bigger prize – the ancient city of Pompeii.Pompeii is well known for being a 2000-year old city, that was buried & preserved under a sudden eruption from Mt. Vesuvius. To see the high degree of preservation oneself is a fascinating experience. We started off by seeing the gates of the city, some of the mansions of the rich, the smaller homes of the regular folks, the still functioning drinking water fountains, the restaurants, and the cobbled streets for the chariots. The loaves of bread were still preserved in the local bakery, the machine to iron clothes at the tailors, a large no of paintings, murals, artwork, frescoes on the walls, preserved, vivid bright in colour… Everything intact and preserved under a giant mound of volcanic ash for the past 2000 years! We felt like we were peeping into the lives of another world – a world which had slept for some time and was now just awakening.

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