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Austria’s capital city, Vienna, did not let me down! It is hard to find a city that looks as pretty as Vienna in winter. Walking on the streets of Vienna is like walking into stories of fairy tale. It is a city bestowed with history, baraquoe architecture, music, good cafes and bars.Deciding where to stay When I started researching about accommodation, I learnt that (like most of the European countries) Vienna is split into 23 districts (Bezirke), each having its own flavor. To cut it short and put it simply, 1st district is closest to city centre and the succeeding ones will be farther outside the centre. Districts 1 to 9 are inner city of Vienna offering easy access to cultural side of Vienna. I stayed in Vision Apartments Vienna Marc-Aurel. I would give this apartment 10/10 for its location.Museums, Palaces and much more!Vienna is known for this! There are many museums and art galleries in Vienna. The best way to get started is to by taking a walk around the Ringstrasse (ring road). While walking on this route, you will see Opera House, City Hall, Parliament, Imperial Palace.Visiting all of the museums and palaces might be a challenge if you wish to see or do other things as well in limited period of time. Keeping in mind the limited time I had, I visited the following places:➢ Schönbrunn Palace:

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Best time to visit Vienna is from February to May

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