My first solo backpacking trip

18th Jul 2020
Day 1

Gujrat story part - 1
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When I was in the final year of my BTech and if I have to name this phase of my life it would be "wtf am I doing with my life?". It was a time before campus recruitment when we used to stay till 7 pm in the college for training.

I still remember that one day I was coming back home by bus, staring outside the window, thinking what should I do after college? I knew I will get a job in campus placements and also I will not take that job. I was just attending interviews for my parent's sake...I knew I had to find my dream job which gives me happiness and also helps me in achieving my bigger dreams. And I started overthinking stuff, 'what if I get campus job and my parents force me to take it and don't allow me to explore my dreams,...
Then I thought

"wait.!!! No,Nikil, come out of these negative thoughts..just listen to music or watch youtube"

So I started browsing youtube and the first video was a travel video by Ethereal. It was a Delhi travel video. I started watching it...there was a smile on my face. I forgot everything around stress, my negative thoughts, everything. Video ended, but I played it again and again. The bus reached my place and I got down from the bus. I just couldn't stop thinking about that video and background music.
I wished I could travel like that...I kept visualizing myself traveling to those places...I could imagine them and started feeling them.

For the next two days, I skipped classes, went to the canteen, and started watching more
travel videos.

I purchased a map and started marking all the places I would love to travel to.
Posted them on my wall..and also made it as my phone wallpaper.

Yeah, I didn't have friends to travel along with me. I didn't have money. I never traveled parents would not give me would not give leaves...I had all the constrains...
As they say, never think about "HOW you will do it?" when you're dreaming

Yes, soon after I decided I will go on a solo backpacking trip to Gujrat and Delhi!

Its time to say these to parents and college and blast a be Continued

Tell me about you frist trip in comments..
Lets have some postive vibes..

Photo of My first solo backpacking trip by D.V.A.V Raju