Life Is A Climb But The View Is Great⛰

14th Oct 2018
Photo of Life Is A Climb But The View Is Great⛰ by Anshu Srihan
Day 1

It was January times and me and my cousin hovering towards the Palampur roads. As we trek round seeing the greenery , crossing the famous #Neughal cafe and passing by the local people there.

Bottles in one hand & we were jus’ walking walking and walking. The river #beas with full speed and its thrilling sound banging in our ears. Its sound was so fantastic but at the same time was a bit dangerous too.

But our destination was clear to reach the top and look for the beautiful scenery.

So here’s to the most amazing and stunning view which I captured and indeed showing all my flaws with this hill beauty.

So guys , plan your trip to this amazing place #palampur where you also come across the gardens of tea around you.

Cheers to the #palampurtimes #walks #beautifulview☺️

Photo of Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India by Anshu Srihan