Goa, My Love... 

1st May 2017


Now that I have gained your attention, I am rest assured that just like me, you must be an ocean-person. I love the ocean! To the point that I make better life choices once I can feel the wet sand underneath my feet, as the moist air stimulates my senses and the soothing sound of waves calm my nerves. I am attracted to Pina-Coladas, Watermelons, the water from cold coconuts, and calamaris. I visited Goa last year for the second time in my life. After all it is the capital of weekend getaways for any Indian who is sick and tired of their daily life routine. I fell in love with the city in less than 5 hours. Everything that I loved, this place gave to me. From driving water bikes to running on the beaches to getting my first tattoo, Goa gave memories of a life time and just in a matter of 4 days.

That was the first time I ever sat by the calm shores in evening all by myself and evaluated life. I was delighted, my inner self was feeling unchained, a wild shore of thoughts and responsibilities had taken the back seat of my mind. All I was thinking about was the present.

We were a group of people, so we booked a boat to ourselves for a night dinner. Just the inner circle. However, in case you want to feel the real essence of Goa, the Santa Monica Cruise is one of the best cruises encircling the waters as the Sun begins to set. It is the floating party house of the city, Panjim. The food that I had there by the foot of Dona Paula was exceptional, you get the best calamaris in the entire city there, cheap and as tasty!

Goa is a delight, both to your eyes and your soul. To know more about my Travel Diaries stay tuned! In case you would like know more about my Goa adventure, drop a message and I am ready to answer questions regarding The Party Capital of India.

My travel video that I made in Goa is mentioned below, please do give it a watch to get a better understanding of what I really had felt like:


Photo of Goa, India by Debanjana Chowdhury