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Phuentsholing - Chhukha

Niveditha Murthy

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So when you enter from Jaigaon side of Bhutan Gate you will reach Phuentsholing. Bhutan is 30mins ahead of IST. Its beautiful quaint place and relatively cheaper in comparison to Thimpu. Immigration office is here and you will get buses to all major bhutanese cities from Bus Stand. You also get shared cabs. You cannot buy tobacco in Bhutan(legally) as it is ban. But you can carry it with you. Nobody checked at entry though. Strange.
Shipra Shekhar

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Phuentsholing is the border town and the only entry to Bhutan through road. We had to do two things in Phuentsholing - Get our individual permits for Thimpu & Paro and get the vehicle permit. We managed with the first one and since all govt. offices close down by 3:30 local time, we could not get a vehicle permit. We did not wanted to reach Thimpu that day itself but had to stay in Phuentsholing. However it was good experience as Phuentsholing is a beautiful city and the moment one crosses into Bhutan from Jaigaon, everything around you chances. Be ready to be mesmerized with clean roads, less vehicle & people, standardised shops buildings & boards, zero smoking activity & Bhutanese people & officials in their majestic traditional attire. Hills starts from no where once you cross the open border gate between Jaigaon & Phuentsholing.
Anupam Debnath

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Phuntsholing - Chhukha

One night halt when traveling by road from NJP, Siliguri to Thimpu.

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There really isn't anything striking about Phuntsholing apart from the fact that it is the entrance to Bhutan, overlooking the Indian town of Jaigaon. It certainly is congested and is mostly a business centre, yet, nothing deters travellers from spending a couple of days in this town in order to explore the district of Chukha. You might just fall in love with its unpretentious simplicity.

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Phuentsholing - Thimphu Highway - Chhukha

A superb highway which serves you with spectacular views of the valleys of bhutan. One can find local farmer's produces such as the lesser known Himalayan cheese The Chhurpi

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