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Nanjing Rd - Huangpu

Nanjing Dong Lu Pedestrian Street has traditionally been regarded as ‘China’s number one shopping street’. While the Bund symbolized British imperial might, Da Ma Lu was always far more egalitarian. Today the road holds little of the cachet it once did and Shanghai’s best shopping is most definitely elsewhere. However, as a spectacle of the crowded, gaudy, neon-lit China of coffee table photo books, it is unbeatable. Evening strollers can expect to be approached with offers of massage and other services from ‘Chinese ladies’, as well as hash and money (rent) boys.

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Jean Georges - Huangpu

A creation by the Michelin three-star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, this French restaurant is where you can sample some of his ground-breaking contemporary haute cuisine, such as slow-baked salmon with wild mushrooms and sake-ginger dressing, or grilled pork tenderloin with pineapple and aubergine. Completed with an elegant décor, perfect service and a picturesque view, Jean-Georges is no doubt the brightest gem in the crown of Shanghai’s dining scene.

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M on the Bund - Huangpu

M stands for Michelle Garnaut, the veteran Australian chef and restaurateur who also owns M at the Fringe in Hong Kong. However, you won’t be wrong to assume that M stands for ‘magnificent’. Located in a historic building with a view, M on the Bund serves an eclectic mix of modern European, middle-Eastern and North African food. Recommended dishes are crisp-skinned suckling pig and salt-baked lamb. Creamy pavlova is a must-try.

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